Wine Cellar Lighting ?The benefits Of A Well-Illuminated Wine Cellar

A wine cellar that is well-illuminated will allow your guests to completely appreciate it. It will also give your wines great protection by contributing to the standard of your wine room’s condition, making it ideal in your wines to age perfectly. But light have to be controlled and installed properly as it may destroy your good wines. It is also an excellent factor that affects the way you want to showcase your collection.

Proper Lighting Creates an excellent Wine Cellar

Your wine collection is an investment that you need to protect from harmful elements. The perfect technique to do this is to store your collection in a wine cellar with ideal climate conditions to support the graceful ageing process of your wines. It must be dark, cool and humid. Apart from the humidity and temperature, another crucial factor that contributes to proper ageing of wines is the sunshine.

To retain wines?essential characteristics, listen to lighting in planning your wine cellar design. Wine is an organic liquid wherein its carbohydrate organic compound, like protein, may be very sensitive to UV light. UV light dissolves complex organic molecules causing damage to wines?flavour, aromas and taste. Although most colored bottles have built in UV filters, it remains to be important to shield them from a lot heat and UV exposure.

Having full control of the brightness in your cellar is very essential in maintaining an ideal wine cellar environment. A dimmer switch has the ability to lower and raise the lighting intensity and may accompany any lighting option.

Excessive lighting also raises the cellar’s temperature, thus it’s important that you consider putting in a switch timer to stop lights from being left for long periods. An excessive amount of light may cause excessive heat in a wine storage room and can cause the cooling unit to over work itself.

Lighting Styles for a Stunning Wine Room

Lighting provides not only function but additionally brings an amazing change into your wine cellar’s look and ambiance. Various wine cellar lighting options will transform a simple cellar right into a fabulous place to entertain your guests.

For those who wish to create very few shadows of their wine room, the use of wall sconces is a good choice. Wall sconces produce ambient lighting which is a hidden light source that washes the room with a glow. They are attached to a wall which provides indirect lighting to your wines. Wall sconces cast a fantastic light distribution and frees up floor space.

Types include candle sconces, electric candle sconces and electric bulb sconces. Full-opaque lens are used for a moon-glow effect or half-moon shaped bulbs for an upward light. Wall sconces are typically should be placed 10 feet apart and 6 feet above the finished floor.

Accent lighting is used to direct the light to highlight areas or certain parts of your cellar in response to your desire. By focusing attention on the specified object, your guests?eyes are drawn to the most attractive and unique areas of your wine cellar.

Recessed can light is a extremely popular option for projecting light in a downward direction while being diffused throughout the room. It is mounted on ceilings and offers a clean and sophisticated look. It varies in sizes, styles and shapes which provides you more customization options.

One type of recessed can lighting called recessed halogen lighting system can add drama to your wine cellar with its baffles. Baffles control brightness and minimize glare. To prevent harmful UV rays the bulb should contain a UV protective coating. This lighting is beautiful and affordable which make it the manufacturers?favorite pick.

Another way to highlight your wine labels or your cellar’s attractive features is the track lighting (spotlight). It’s sleek, easy to put in and is good in accentuating your favorite wine labels in high-reveal or vertical display wine racks. Offering a large choice of lamp styles and ability to alter configuration at any time, this lighting option may be very flexible.

To have lower energy consumption, PAR lamps are a terrific choice. They also produce clear optics and brilliant colors to any room.

You don’t want to just entertain guests in your custom wine cellar. You also want them to feel the comfort and warmth in it. It’s time to use LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting to attain this mood in your wine cellar. It’s popularly used to offer both walls and ceilings an attention grabbing appeal. Along with their energy efficiency and longevity, LED lights have low-heat emissions that protect your wines from excessive heat exposure.

They produce light through electrical activity instead of heat. They even have resistance to vibration and haven’t any harmful UV rays. They are pretty expensive but you’ll save money in the long run due to their great life span which is approximately 10,000 hours. No wonder they’re the top pick in wine cellar lighting!

Proper lighting is without doubt one of the essential qualities of a perfect wine cellar. Illumination enables you to spotlight beautiful features and wine labels in your collection and also help your precious wines of their proper maturation. Give your wine cellar an opportunity to shine brilliantly with a functional and attractive lighting!

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