U.s. Leviton “manhattan” Series Switch Socket

10 years, for a bottle of red wine, the achievements have been enough for the bottle of its wine. Of 102 years, the United States Leviton is concerned, it is made to satisfy the expectations of your preparations.

1906 founded in New York, United States Leviton Electrical and family, after more than one century of efforts, success of its “American high-tech energy management expert” status, family for 3 generations previously 102 years, the world’s electricity industrial development has made many landmark contributions!

First introduced Touch Dimmer The first U.S. developers to brand building electrical
U.S. contractors building the primary electrical brands
U.S. consumer electrical brand building
Historical experience of a few years told Leviton, world without global consumers, only local users. Although the market has already accumulated in the electrical hundred years of experience, but for the mature and pragmatic Leviton, the way to be launching a product favored by users in China, is a formidable challenge.

Leviton aware that the Chinese people’s living standards improving, people’s increasing demand for quality of life, from the past have gradually turned to enjoy the practical type, taste has become a fashionable pursuit. Electrical products are no longer a simple copy, with prime quality and unique taste of the switch socket products are more and more users love, it will be the switch socket products, consumer mainstream.

In the new series of products, tips on how to integrate into the American style design elements of Chinese consumers wish to become a designer’s biggest challenge. Design concept twists and turns, while “the suspect vehicle to the front trackless”, the world the vitality of city centers in New York – Manhattan, its elegance and simplicity, fusion of traditional and modern styles inspired diverse American city’s top designers inspiration, cast the “Manhattan” series this brainchild! After 9 rounds of user testing and modification, the designers finally born. United States top designers carefully given the “Manhattan” three innovations:

American modern aesthetic with traditional culture: the Manhattan Department of the middle of the world cultural riches. Standing on the entrance in Manhattan Statue of Liberty, is a 1876 founding of the United States a century, the French sent a birthday present; on West Lincoln Center is the world’s largest arts venue, and to represent Manhattan’s Greenwich Village avant-garde art in several is, here is elegant and classical art scene, but additionally intellectuals and intellectuals living area. As a representative cross-border design: “Manhattan” series can also be the market’s first glossy and matte surface combination switch socket product. Frame with smooth design and the visual appearance of the product a more modern, and superior dust features, enable users to feel fresh bright and clean; switch button design with frosted surface, reflects on the respect of users feel comfortable. Manhattan ahead of cross-border design reserves the designers on tips on how to make modern beauty and traditional culture, the pursuit of harmony and unity, and along with the user experience of desire!

Highlight of freedom, respect for the American spirit of individuality: the vitality of the Manhattan Center in New York City. World-famous United Nations Building, located in Manhattan, about two kilometers away from the World Trade Center site. Manhattan is also a multi-nation gathering within the region, akin to: Chinatown , Little Italy, Harlem . The three major U.S. television networks (ABC, BCS, NBC>, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post and other headquarters are located in Manhattan. American spirit of freedom and individuality on this respect have been fully embodiment. “Manhattan” series is the primary of four colors in a regular switch outlet box to pick products. Users don’t need tools, you may freely choose blossoms of color throughout the box, satisfactorily reflects the designer of the user personality and full respect for freedom of the American spirit.

The United States of new technology, people-oriented: everyone knows, the United States is the world’s high-tech industry gathered to. As early as June 1942, the U.S. began to implement the use of nuclear fission reaction to develop the atomic bomb program, also known as the Manhattan Project. The project brings together the perfect in the Western countries, the nuclear scientist, has mobilized 100,000 people to participate in this project, which lasted three years and cost two billion U.S. dollars, on July 16, 1945 successfully conducted the world’s first nuclear explosion . Since then lay the foundation for the U.S. position as a technological power. “Manhattan” series is the first private space of an acceptable energy-saving switches. Traditional infrared sensor switch as a result of technical limitations, only applies to public walkways. Leviton innovative technology to the beep prompt and independent switch control technology into the “Manhattan” series switch, sensor switch to energy-saving extension of the office and home, the user can not change the daily habits of the case, automatic energy-saving, follow the brand new fashion of modern energy-saving environmental protection. United States top designers once again allow users to “Manhattan”, feel the new technology benefits people and the environment.

Ultimate design, deep cultural connotation of top of the range raw materials, strict quality control, Leviton the “Manhattan” molded into a permanent eternal art treasures, and “Manhattan” and there might be electrical products from mechanization to the event of electronic signs. Leviton – U.S. high-tech energy management experts, through superb technology and unique design style, will create a landmark for the brand new user experience! Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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