Trigger A Switch Cut Abnormal Four Satellite Tv Receivers Troubleshooting

Set of 430 receivers, shared terminal box, 1.2 m antenna feed and the KU head is composed of broadband shared satellite TV system, 1.2-meter antenna placed in the balcony, the other is fed antenna placed 1.5 m within the roof, four cut by a switch to receive 134 E satellite C-band, 138 E satellite KU band (V2.5 encrypted digital sky and the good Wall of free live platform) satellite television signals, has been working for one year, but a while ago, a sudden Great Wall Live platform 12537V41250 found a group of signal interruptions or mosaic, signal to noise ratio fluctuated between 3.8 to 4.5, digital sky 12430V22425 a signal disappears, 12302V3000 a signal to noise ratio becomes 7.5, but doesn’t affect the ratings.

It was broadcast live as the good Wall
platform 12537V41250 a signal from the 138 E satellite shifted to 134 E KU-band satellite for signal transmission time segment, so I mistakenly thought it was the signal to adjust the signal fluctuations in the conventional course of, or the Groups of signals may be interrupted at 138 E KU-band satellite transmission, interruption occurs before the signal weakened, so I do not do not care, until May 18 at noon, when the received signal, suddenly found a bunch of signals also appeared 12302V30000 the mosaic, SNR ratio decreased to about 4.5, and appears occasionally over cell 14, sometimes without any anomaly, the good Wall Live platform 12537V41250 a signal completely disappeared; so we suspect that the antenna was moving over the balcony, careful adjustment of the signal within the adjustment process has not any better, and the more stressed worsen, 12302V30000 signal strength is always a group of 63 to 64, SNR 0, fine-tune the antenna and the KU head azimuth, signal strength and signal to noise ratio will not be indicative of any response, the final result’s 138 E satellite all signals no. As the afternoon to work on a short lived stop there the next day morning, the 430 machines and pocket tune black and white television with a satellite antenna to maneuver next to a feeder connection through a separate, powered on, within the absence of any adjustment of the antenna circumstances, was surprised to seek out 138 E satellite signals were normal in all but 12302V30000 a signal to noise ratio also increased to eight.3, and then carefully fine-tune the antenna azimuth and KU head, until 12302V30000 a signal to noise ratio of up to 9.2, while in the surprise re-430 machine back to the living room with TV connected and located that 138 E satellite had received all the signals or no signal, no reception, signal strength continues to be 63 to 64, SNR ratio of 0, and therefore suspect cut a switch to connect 4 input 1 for the reception of 138 E satellite signal wire feeder connection bad or broken, then re-re-connected and F head removed, fault still; simply direct the received signal 138 E satellite feeder to connect with the machine’s RF input 430, signal properly, because the four cut by a switch input port 2, 134 E satellite transmission of TV signals normal C-band, it may be concluded that a switch for the four cut input port 1 of the transmission pathway is damaged, so will receive the 138 E satellite feeder signal a switch to maneuver all four 4 input connections, and 430 machines through to the antenna setup menu settings, select the satellite and high-frequency first local oscillator frequency: 134 degrees will move to four-star cut a switch input 4, KU head of the vibration frequency set to 11300, save and exit, re-search signal, everything is normal.

Summary: As the KU-band signals are vulnerable to weather, season and sunspot activity, and plenty of other factors, coupled with security in this case the antenna is located within the reception window of the balcony located in the cruel environment, and infrequently dress in the balcony Liangshai , cleaning and other human activities may result in displacement of the antenna, in order that the author received signal fluctuations often do not care about; while the incidence of failure on this case from the signal weakens, a lot of attenuation to the entire vanishing after almost two months very long time, people also had paralysis of the fault, the last until the case cannot only be receiving treatment. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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