Treadmills ?Still One of the best

#1 Improper Mounting Technique

It might surprise you to learn that the majority injuries on treadmills occur when people attempt to step onto them while they’re in motion, particularly when they are operating at full speed. There is a simple procedure to follow that eliminates the possible danger. You need to begin with one foot on each running board, straddling the belt, and then step onto the moving belt from that position. In this fashion, your body is well balanced and your weight is distributed evenly. You won’t be thrown off balance by the moving deck when you come into contact with it. Most treadmills are actually designed with running boards specifically for this purpose.

Just in case you do get into trouble, despite being careful, you also should be conversant in the emergency kill switch, usually a really noticeable red button that is easily accessible. Its purpose is to immediately shut the machine down. Remember to know where that switch is located before you use any treadmill.

#2 Holding onto the Treadmill

It is best to never hold onto the treadmill while using it for exercise. It doesn’t matter how old you’re or what your physical condition is. It’s not safe and many injuries occur because of this poor practice. This is an especially common habit, as you possibly can witness just by watching people on treadmills in a health club.

You’ll see individuals who push against the rails with their hands to lift their bodies up slightly. Others take over-sized steps with their bodies pitched forward and their weight pressed down into the rails, or they hang onto the front bar, pitching their bodies forward every time they take a step.

While it is certainly true that these bad habits undermine the effectiveness of the workout, the worst a part of it’s that they place your posture into an improper alignment and put stress on the back, upper arms and sometimes the neck. It’s very easy to cause injury in these positions.

If you happen to simply be sure to mount the treadmill properly and punctiliously, and use good posture during your workout you’ll have eliminated the most common causes of treadmill injury.

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