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I used to be alone when a loud stepping creak came from the living room area. It didn’t take me long to achieve for my cell phone and dial Cassandra’s number. It took her an extended three rings to answer but before I could say anything; a man stood in my doorway. Tall and slim, he looked to be about 18years of age. In an odd way I imagined my father to have the identical dark hair and blue eyes this stranger held.

What did he want? I asked myself, a gradual stream of nervousnessn over his being there started building. To harm or harm me? Before I had an opportunity to think further about this, Cassandra picked up. “Cassandra some strange guy seeking to be eighteen has arrived,” I whisped.
“Well what does he want?” Cassandra asked.
“I have not the faintest idea,” I replied, feeling the nervousness build up even further.

I used to be uninterested in being nervous and decided to ask the stranger what he wanted.
“I want to know why you’re being so rude ringing up someone on the phone while I’m standing here waiting at your door.” He said kurtly, although there was a familiarity to his voice.
“Do I do know you?” I asked.
“Brunhilda, are you there?” Cassandra screeched from the opposite end of the cell phone.

All he gave me was silence, and raised my suspicion. “Call 911!?I yelled as I began a quick escape. “NOW?I dashed toward the doorway trying to make my way around the stranger. I kicked him as hard as I could but he caught my foot and his grip tightened.
“Hold still.?This time the voice was very firm. “I said hold still.?br>I struggled as hard as I could to be let free but his slim build was stronger than it looked.

“Why are you running for?” The stranger asked, “My name is Horace Rathbone. You invited me.”
“I most certainly didn’t!” I yelled, as I struggled to free myself from his grip.
“I’m Fishbone_22… off the internet.” He exclaimed.
“You’re my date for tonight?” I gasped, as he let go of my foot.
“Well, yes. As long as you stop trying to kick me.” He grinned.

“Oh,?I questioned, “why didn’t you use the doorbell??br>Horace paused for a second, making me question him more. “I did knock but I assume you didn’t hear it and the door was open, need I say more.?He replied. After the dream I had, I had a right to be skeptical right? His grip loosened and that i scatted quickly to where the phone had dropped. Cassandra could be freaking out, if not more than I used to be.

“Hello? Cassie?” I called into the phone.
Suddenly I heard several sirens blaring outside, as the blue and red flashes of lights intermittently illuminated the room.
“I assume she really did call 911.” Horace exclaimed.
A fierce knocking at the door was followed by, “Police! We’re coming in!”
Because the door was opened, five police officers burst into the room telling Horace and that i to get down on the bottom and put our hands behind our heads.

“Brunhilda, what’s occurring?” I heard the shout over the phone.
I didn’t have time to answer as Horace grabbed my hand and we crashed our way into my bedroom, before leaping through the half-open window.
Horace’s bulk shattered the glass and that i recieved several scrapes from the splintered window shards.
“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at Horace, because the police fired their guns in our direction.
“I do not know!” Horace shouted back, as he dragged me out into the nearby laneway, “I saw this in a movie once and it looked cool!”

“I do not believe being shot dead could be classed as cool!” Brunhilda admonished, while allowing herself to be led through the laneway. “Where are you taking me?”
Horace did not answer for several minutes as he guided her through a labyrinth on streets and lanes, in a bid to avoid the ever increasing number of police cars that appeared to be filling the streets.
“I think I do know of a spot that we could hideout from the cops,” Horace finally said in between breaths.

“I do not understand any of this!” I stated. “You’ve got come into my life, accidentally, and now I’m on the run from the police!”
“They don’t seem to be police,” Horace said emphatically, “They’re aliens!”
“WHAT?” I could not believe what I was hearing, “Let me go – you’re crazy!”

Just as I used to be going to slap his arm, Horace let go and with speed I made friends with the frozen ground. Horace stopped and extended his hand without showing sympathy. “I don’t have time to elucidate, you coming or not?” he said blankly.

“Well, I actually would like not to but when I return I’m going to have to clarify so much to the police, oh right, the ALIENS! Are you kidding me?” I answered while grabbing his hand to drag myself up. As soon as I used to be standing he took off running leaving me to attempt to catch up to him. After some time we reached a mall, a mall which he dragged me in, I suppose I knew where his safe hideout from the “aliens” was… How original. As if the “aliens” wouldn’t be able to find us in a crowd if they wanted to, aren’t they advanced beings or something?

We stopped in front of a Frosties Donuts shop and Horace examined the board behind the counter.
“We’re stopping for donuts?” I questioned him, though with each word I said to him he seemed to become increasingly frustrated.
“Brunhilda, you must trust me – that is the one way to get them off our trail. They do not like the smell of donuts!” He quickly turned to the shopkeeper, “I will have a box of ten Frosties Friends Mixed Donuts and ten Frosties Fruity Delights.”

Oh, my God, he has seriuosly lost it, Im suspecting he sustained a very bad fall to his head…. And I’m also pretty sure this is not going to finish well. Okay, so if the aliens usually are not advanced beings then how come they don’t just like the smell of donuts? Donuts, come on, everyone loves donuts. I wonder if Horace will let me have a minimum of one, I’m starving. As I was lost in my thoughts Horace had already started walking forward and i had lost sight of him. “Damn!” I mutter.

I threaded my way through the gang of individuals, noticing Horace’s wind-swept, ruffled hair bobbing up and down as he walked towards one of many mall’s many exits.
Pushing past a group of unkempt teenagers, I rushed to Horace’s side and called to him, “So are you just going to run off now?”
Horace turned with a mouth filled with donut, swallowed and nodded, “I need to get away and should you had any sense, you’d eat a donut and run away too.”
I felt my stomach grumble; it wasn’t too hard to make my decision. “Alright, give me a few chocolate Frosties Friends Donuts and I will run away with you.”

Horace handed across the donuts and that i grabbed them eagerly, shoving them into my mouth like Cookie Monster feasting on a plate of cookies.
Horace watched me snaffle them down and grinned, “Great idea! If we smother our faces with donuts, the aliens won’t ever be able to catch us!”
“What?” I asked, spitting some donut crumbs onto his jacket.
I stood and watched as Horace took four Frosties Fruity Delights and rubbed them throughout his face and clothes.
He laughed manically before shoving a donut in my face, “This may stop the aliens, just you wait and see!”

I gasped as I breathed in several passionfruit pieces through my nose and shoved him away, “What are you doing, you crazy freak?”
Horace took a step back, “I am protecting you from aliens – what does it look like I’m doing?”
A crowd had gathered to look at the scene unfold, but there was just one middle aged man that decided that he should step in to help me. “Are you okay, Miss?”
I looked at Horace along with his face painted in donut glaze and crumbs, then nodded out of pity for him.

Horace broke out right into a laugh and the gang followed. After about 5 minutes the crowd continued on with their lives leaving Brunhilda blank faced. All she could mutter was a plea asking Horace to keep moving.
“I can not believe you fell for it.” Horace said gasping for breath through his laughing fit. “What a night this has been.”

“Fell for what?” I asked, wiping on the donut on my face, “The donuts or the Aliens?”
Horace laughed again, “Why, the aliens of course! Everybody knows that they don’t seem to be fearful of donuts – it’s the futuristic robots that don’t like donuts!”
I used to be gobsmacked, “You mean to inform me that we ran away from the police and you smothered me in donuts for nothing?”
Horace looked puzzled, “No, the police were futuristic robots.”

Brunhilda’s phone dinged with a notification of a voice message. “Give me a minute will you.?Horace nodded while Brunhilda take heed to the message.
“If you are listening to this, things will need to have calmed down. Funny, isn’t it the best way things have escalated to get you out of the house. All of this has been a set up. Cassandra, your mother and Horace are all in on it. It is time for you to meet your father. In any case, who better to point out you the best way than your half brother, Horace.?/p>

I stared at Horace wide-eyed; how could this imbecile be her half brother?
“Is there something wrong?” Horace asked.
“No, why would you think there can be something wrong?” I threw back a question.
“Because you are standing there with a phone to your ear and looking at me like I used to be a futuristic robot assembled with alien technology.” Horace pointed out.
“Are you?”

Horace laughed once more; “You really think I’m a futuristic robot assembled with alien technology? Well, I’m not you realize… couldn’t you tell by the way in which I smothered those donuts on the both of us?”
I pointed to my phone; “The message I just got told me that you are my half-brother and that my mother is in on this whole thing too. Are you going to take me to my father?”
“Oh, I see what that is all about,” Horace nodded knowingly.

Without another word, Horace headed towards a purple beetle. Calling Brunhilda over along with his hand, he got into the beetle and started it up. Brunhilda was unsure if she should ask questions or ride in silence so to avoid wasting herself much more confusion she decided to get in silently, letting Horace take her to…well she didn’t know so it could be space for all she knew. After huffing and puffing to herself, Horace took off.

Finally, Horace spoke; “You’ve got been huffing and puffing like the large Bad Wolf for long enough, what’s wrong?”
I checked out him for a second then found the courage to speak, “Who’re you exactly? You’ve got talked about aliens and futuristic robots, and now we’re inside some form of purple, robotic beetle going to god knows where! Who’re you?”
Horace checked out me smugly, “I’m an alien… well part-alien.”

I didn’t know how to reply, although the sirens took away any moment that I had to say anything.
“Police,” Horace muttered, “Damn those futuristic robots!”
“What do you expect? You’re travelling down a main road, through traffic, in a purple beetle robot and you expect not to be seen?”
Horace didn’t respond, he simply flipped a switch and the beetle buzzed before taking us up into the sky.

“We’re flying!” I exclaimed, as the purple beetle buzzed through the air.
“After all we are,” Horace laughed aloud, “Have you ever ever heard of a beetle that does not fly? What sort of alien… or part alien would I be with out a flying beetle?”
“Where are we going?” I asked, still fascinated by the view from the beetle’s window.

“We’ll me our father. You need to find out why the futuristic robots have come after you this evening.” Horace explained.
“You’re serious, aren’t you?” I questioned, as Horace pressed some buttons on the dashboard and the beetle started its descent.

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