Touch Dimmer For LED Lights

Whether for a test or application, in an effort to have the best product performance, please make sure that to carry the dimmer cable part, instead of the dimmer body. The entire dimmer body is sensitive to touch. For indoor use only-this product is just not water-proof nor weatherproof.

Input voltage: 12V-24V DC
Max load current: 3 Amps
Output channel? channel
Static power consumption: < 1 watt
Output power: 36W@12V, 72W@24V
Net weight: 23g
Memory function: Yes
Product size: (L)30.8X(W)8.7X(H)38mm

Technical information

1) ON/OFF function:
Touch the switch body after which release
2) Dimmer Function:
Touch the switch and hold. Brightness might be adjusted automatically, either in Min-to-Max or Max-to-Min mode.

Product Description

Use this straightforward in-line touch dimmer not only as an On/Off switch, but in addition to adjust the brightness of your LED strip light. It only takes a light tap to turn it on, and another light tap to turn it off. While hold your finger to it to smoothly cycle through the brightness levels from 10 to 100% percent using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)circuit.

After get the perfect brightness to suit your mood, just remove your finger, and your LEDs will stay glowing at that brightness level. The dimmer has Memory Function, which means it is going to memorize your last setting though you turn main power off.

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