Toone ZYT16G Electronic Battery Timer Switch, Product Picture

Toone ZYT16G electronic battery timer Function and ApplicationThis product can automatically switch on and switch off variouskinds of electric equipments based on the fixed time. It’s wide-ly utilized in all electrical equipments and household applianceswhere needs to be controlled. Technical SpecificationsVoltage Range:110V 50Hz/60 Hz Voltage scope: 85%~110%Capacitance: Resistance Load: 25A Consumed power 5VA Timing Control Range: 1min~168h Timing error ±2s/day(25°C±1°C)Temperature: -10°C~ 50°C Relative Humidity: 95%Dimension:120×72×50mm Weight: 210g Operation instructionstimer switch1. Adjust Clock Before using this product, please check the clock display to follow the current time, and calibrate it. Hold down the “CLOCK” key, meanwhile adjust respectively the key “HOUR? “MINUTE?and “WEEK?in accord with the current time.2. Time settingstepkeySetting content1Press the key “TIMER”The primary switch-on setting(display 1ON )2Press the key “HOUR” and “MINUTE”Setting switch-on time (hour, minute)3Press the important thing “WEEK”Working Mode: set the switch-on working days4Press the important thing “TIMER” againThe first switch-off setting(display 1OFF)5Press the key “HOUR” and “MINUTE” againSetting switch-off time (hour, minute)6Press the important thing “WEEK” againset the switch-off working days7Repeat step 1 to 6Set other 2on and 2off, 3on and 3off until 16on and16off(if no, pls make it display “??: ­?—?)8Press the key “CLOCK”End the timing setting and enter to the state of clock display.9Press the important thing “AUTO/ MANU”Adjust the switch sign ?”to the present state (“on” or “off”),and adjust to the state of “auto?

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