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When was the last time you were able to click on an internet link, get up and go to a different room, do a few things, return to the pc and still see it downloading the graphics and files for the location? If in case you have dial up Internet access it is sort of likely that you’ve got done that only recently, but in case you have true high-speed Internet service such an experience is probably well in your past.

Is dial up really that slow? How does it compare to true high-speed? Well, high-speed Internet is available in several varieties, there are cable and DSL connections and there are also satellite services. For this discussion, we shall be focusing strictly on the remarkable differences between high-speed satellite services and traditional dial up.

While a standard modem will take around ten minutes to load a 4 MB MP3 files, a “home” quality high-speed satellite connection will take roughly thirty seconds. This is just because the technologies allow the information to be processed and sent in a much faster and streamlined fashion. If the satellite account were at a professional level the download time could be reduced to less than ten seconds.

Why would someone opt for satellite internet over traditional cable or DSL service? Today the broadband network, which is how some consumers receive their Internet, phone and television service, can reach roughly seventy percent of the population. This leaves a huge variety of households and businesses with only two choices – satellite or dial up Internet access.

It takes an ordinary phone line to access a dial up network, but as we’ve discussed, this type of connection puts serious limits on speed, and can be unstable. Most modern networks and servers that operate the World Wide Web expect machines to be responsive and fast, when they aren’t they may frequently disconnect.

What this means is that the “surfer” using a slow dial up connection goes to frequently receive errors instead of images, information, videos or music. Consider too that almost all websites today are stuffed with all kinds of media, and this cannot be enjoyed via a dial up connection.

Additionally counting on dial up can interrupt the user’s phone service because they must choose between receiving telephone calls or surfing the online. While this may be resolved through the installation of a second phone line, the owner is then going to have a better phone bill, more equipment and the potential for still losing their signal when bad weather brings down lines or damages connection.

Alternately, anyone who has a transparent view of the southern sky can have a satellite Internet system installed in their home or their business. It takes only the dish, modem, cables and installation to bring it all to life. They will not have to sacrifice phone service and they will not have to fret concerning the status of their connection across the complete telephone network.

If you make a comparison between dial up and satellite Internet it becomes clear that there really is no comparison, and that savvy consumers will always choose the reliability and power of a satellite signal over the old school phone line.

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