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Saving our planet is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to live in a tree and forgo your gadget pleasures. There are plenty of gadgets on the market that will help you live a greener life and while most LCD televisions don’t include a way to show them off you can get devices to help combat that. Listed here are a few of my favourite ones.

Cranking MP3 player

With a 1GB capacity and a design that won’t win any red dot awards, the primary USP for this new MP3 player is its green credentials. One minute’s worth of cranking will provide you with playback of 10 minutes ?although there is USB charging too for when your arm gets tired. Including shipping, it’ll cost 55 euros, which is around 43 pounds, but consider what you’ll save on batteries.

Husqvarna solar powered automatic lawnmower
It’d set you back a cool 2000 pounds but working autonomously, the lawnmower will cut as much as 2300 square metres of grass and might be programmed to come back on at certain times or days of the week. Users can define the cutting area by laying a metal wire around the sting of their garden. The auto mower also has sensors within the device so it can avoid garden furniture. Solving the issue of collecting the grass, the motor’s three sharp blades cut the grass short enough as to scatter it back on the lawn.

The mower will cut for around 40 minutes, and then charge for 40 minutes in its charging station, however the solar panels on its back mean that on a sunny day the device shall be able to remain out cutting for up to 50% longer.

Efergy meter

The Efergy meter is a compact monitor that permits the user to see electricity consumption in real time in your home. Made up of three components: a portable display monitor, a sensor which is clipped around the ability cable feeding electricity into the premises, and a transmitter which is connected to the sensor and which sends the data to the monitor the data on the screen of the Efergy meter is refreshed every 5 seconds, so the impact on power usage of turning an electrical appliance on or off may be seen immediately. The Efergy meter costs 44.95 pounds.

The Standby Buster

You want to turn your television off at the primary, but the sockets at the back and out of the reach of your arm. The Stanby buster basically gives you a remote in your plug. The easy to make use of, remote-controlled electrical socket helps you to switch off multiple appliances completely rather than leaving them in standby mode ?all from a single button press. Sockets are simply plugged into existing power outlets allowing any connected appliances to be switched on and off using the remote control. Standby Buster uses Radio Frequency (RF) rather than Infra-Red (IR) to switch appliances on and off, so it’s not impaired by objects in its way.

Moixa USBCELL batteries

The USBCELL as an environmentally-friendly alternative to normal AA batteries. The highest of 1 side flips as much as reveal a USB connector, and the battery simply plugs into an open port. It takes five hours to charge one of many cells if it was fully discharged; each battery has a capacity of 1300mAH. The USBCELL cost around 12.99 pounds for two AA batteries.

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