Tips on how to: Methods to Set Hy-Mag Pool Timer Switch

I’ve: I have a T104 timer that runs my pool pump. I also

The instructions can be found from Intermatic if you happen to click on the below link.
240 volts will have two 120 volt lines and a ground(green or bare) or neutral (white) wire.
If your system is 240 volts the Red and Black wires are hot ought to be individually connected, one to terminal 1 and the second color to terminal 3. The load or pump in your case ought to be connected to terminal 2 and 4. If you wish to wire a switch to the load it’s essential to decide on how you want the switch act, 1) as an auxiliary on 2) as an emergency off. In order for you an auxiliary on for the pump, you need a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) 40amp switch (what must be within the house). Run the appreciate gage of wire (AWG 8 for 40A) from terminal 1 to one pole of the switch and a wire from terminal 3 to the second pole of your switch. Next run wires from the switch contacts from the 2 remaining switch terminals to terminals 2 and 4 on the timer matching the Red side on the switch to and Red on the timer and Black side on the switch to Black on the timer. The timer will control the function of the pump, and the switch will turn the pump on when the timer is off. If you happen to only have two hot wires coming from the house attach them to terminal 2 and 4. If you want an emergency stop you want to wire a second DPDT 40amp switch and disconnect the load wires from terminal 2 and 4 and connect every one to the alternative poles of the switch. Using the right gage of wire you need to attach a red and black wire to the 2 separate terminals of the switch. When the switch is off the pump will not work however the timer will keep the present time. The color of wires may not be the identical in that situation you will want a multi meter to identify the wires.
I need a bit of more information on the pool sweep timer. Are you using the identical timer or simply the facility? Is the ability 120 or 240 volts? When do you want the pool sweep to be active?

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