The way to Make Your Room Look Awesome For teenagers

Decorating your room can be a variety of fun, and if you’re a kid, you want your room to be greater than only a room that may fit an adult, but on a smaller scale. Although your room must be just the right size for you, it should also reflect you — the kid who’ll be living in and hanging out in there. Your room can feature exciting colors and interesting decorating themes that appeal to your hobbies and interests. Finally, the child-friendly room gives you a place to hang out with friends in addition to to explore a bit more about yourself.

Things You may Need
Paint and supplies
Wooden letters
Bean bag chairs
TV stand
Glow-in-the-dark stars
Decorative accessories
Desk lamp

Ask your parents for input. They’re going to show you how to set a budget and assist you with some of the more complicated projects.

Choose a theme. Theme rooms help you on various fronts. If you pick a theme resembling basketball, unicorns, Harry Potter or Beatrix Potter, you have narrowed down the visuals you may feature within the room as well as some possible colors. For example, if you’ve chosen to feature a favourite sports team, the room’s colors may very well be taken from the jerseys and the decor could center on the team’s outfits, posters of favorite team stars and have a team bedspread.

Add some pizzazz to the walls by painting the room. Start with a base coat of paint in one in all the colors you could have selected. Dress up the paint job by painting designs on the walls comparable to large polka dots, a stencil design or perhaps a mural featuring your favorite character from a book or movie.

Let everyone know that the room belongs to you. Glue some painted wooden letters that spell your name on the wall, or position them on a shelf together with a collection of collectible items.

Get clever with the bed option. For example, loft beds provide much than just a spot to sleep; additionally they give you some extra space underneath to place a desk or a sitting area crammed with kid-friendly bean bags and a TV stand.

Remember the ceiling. Your decorating efforts don’t have to stop at the walls. For instance, if in case you have a burgeoning interest in astronomy, paint the night sky on your ceiling. Add glow-in-the-dark stars for extra effect.

Make some creative space for yourself. For instance, you’ll be able to create a reading nook under a ceiling canopy, spray paint chalkboard paint on her closet doors or arrange an art corner complete with pastel crayons and paints (see Resource 1 for a photo of the reading nook).

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Give the room some proper lighting. You’ll have several lighting needs. Add a dimmer switch to the overhead light so that you could adjust the sunshine for sleeping, movie watching and other activities. Be sure that your desk has a great desk lamp — one inspired by your room’s theme adds a pleasant decorative touch.

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