Switchmode Power Supplies

Dynapower offers the newest generation of air and water-cooled switchmode DC power supplies in both standard and custom configurations. With bench top, rack mountable, wall mountable, and modular options, our switchmode power supplies are fitted to a wide range of applications. Featuring an innovative design that provides operational and installation advantages, Dynapower switchmode power supplies provide the reliability and functionality you need, while maximizing your space and value savings.

The switchmode DC power supply is a solid state AC to DC power conversion system. The system functions by first rectifying the AC input to an unregulated DC voltage. This intermediate DC voltage is then chopped using pulse-width modulation through an H-Bridge configuration into a high-frequency transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered to supply a precisely controlled high current DC output with <2% AC Vrms content. The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency, and provides for a faster control loop.

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