Rocker And Toggle Switches

The large range of auto electrical switchgear at ARC Components Limited includes the Durite range of automotive 12V and 24V DC switches. We have now in stock a large number of vehicle switch solutions from single and double pole push button switches, rocker switches and direction switches, toggle switches and battery disconnect switches, including Durite and Albright International switchgear which are industry standard solutions to most battery switching applications. Whether it is battery isolation or aesthetic LED controls you’ll find your switch solution with ease.

Battery isolators and cargo switches; car, HGV, marine and material handling emergency stop switches.

Durite rocker switch and warning light configuration products, everything for building a dashboard control panel.

Durite LED illuminated rocker switches. Circuit switch LED bodies and lens for custom panel solutions.

A big range of automotive toggle and direction function switches, LED illuminated and brass lever options.

Push actuated switches. Push and release or push-push function switch, illuminated colour options available.

Standard push-pull illuminated switches, used for lights-on function or circuit making switch and indication.

Complete rocker switch solutions. Push switches with ‘on-off’ mark and LED illuminated on positions.

Rotary and cam switches for multi-function selection, including lighting and windscreen wiper switching.

Switch panel brackets. Toggle and light, push-pull and standalone toggle. Panels available separate.

12V and 24V switch panels for machinery and tail lift operation., including pendant and stop switches.

Automotive air pressure switches. Air pressure activated switching for low pressure and stop light warning.

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