RGB LED Strip Controller Creates Saturated Vivid Colors For Home Lighting

Nowadays many households use LED strip lights for decorative and accent lighting on account of their various colors and high energy efficiency. While working with a led strip controller, RGB strip lights are capable of making millions of saturated colors and vivid dynamic changing patterns.

Generally a complete control system for LED strip lights includes a controller and a control unit. The controller is positioned between the control unit and the lights, and receives signal from the unit and outputs signal to the lights. There are numerous forms of RGB LED strip controller with different interface available in the market similar to RF, DMX, 0-10V, DALI and so on, and the difference among them is that they adopt different control protocols.

For led strip lights with different input types, the controllers shall be different. AC input ones shall be controlled by an AC output controller which may adopt Triac and phase-cut dimming technology. DC input ones shall be controlled by a DC output controller which will adopt PWM low voltage dimming technology, in addition, an AC-DC power supply is required for the controller.

Different control protocols outputs different signals to dim the lights, for example, RF means wireless radio frequency signal, DMX means DMX512 signal, 0-10v means 0-10v signal and DALI means DALI signal. All of them have their very own advantages and you may choose in accordance with your preference. The control units shall have corresponding control interface to be compatible with the controller.

The control units are also available in various different styles resembling traditional push button switch, rotary knob switch, newly developed handheld remote with keys, touch panel controller and so forth. The preferred one is the touch panel style which offers abundant functions including brightness adjustment of each R, G, B channel, color tone adjustment, preset color running effects and color or scene saving function with easy-to-use interface all by simple finger touch. It’s also easy to be installed into existing standard wall box. Or you’ll be able to choose a remote touch panel with RF control interface which enables wireless control anywhere in your house.

By using an RGB LED strip controller, millions of saturated colors and vivid dynamic changing patterns can be found to create the suitable moods for various atmospheres for home lighting.

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