Remote DC Power Switches

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touch switchConsole Servers
DSM Series RJ45 Ports for GigE
TSM Series RJ45 Ports
RSM Series Serial DB9 Ports
Console Server + PDU Combos
Dual GigE Console Servers

Power Reboot Switches
Outlet Metered
High Amp C19
-48V, 24V, 12V DC
Basic Reboot- Horizontal
Basic Reboot- Vertical
Reboot+Console Combo Units

Intelligent Switched PDUs
Outlet Metered PDU
High Amp C19 PDU
-48V, 24V, 12V DC PDU
Basic Switched- Horizontal
Basic Switched- Vertical
PDU + Console Combo Units

Branch Office Managers
Console+Reboot+ATS Combo

A/B Fallback Switches
Physcal Layer Switch

Secure Rack Modems
AC Powered Secure Rack Modem
DC Powered Secure Rack Modem

Automatic Transfer Switches
4/8/9 Outlet ATS Switches
ATS+Reboot Combo Units

Cables & Adapters
Console Cables
Power Cables
Cable Adapters

Out of Band Management
Lab & Data Center
Remote Device Management
Physical Network Failover
SolarWinds Network Monitoring
Cisco Catalyst Power
Cisco EnergyWise
Outdoor Enclosure
Redundant Power Supply
Dual Ethernet Console Server
Reboot via TcL Script
Reboot ITS Devices
DC Powered ATS

– Aerospace
– Chemical
– Cloud Hosting
– Pharmaceutical
– Defense
– Energy
– Financial & Insurance
– Oil & Gas
– Health Care
– Manufacturing
– Retail
– Communications & Broadcasting
– Telco
– Utilities
– Transportation


Cloud Hosting




Health Care

Oil & Gas

Transportation(Console Access)

Transportation(Power Reboot)

Product Manuals
Product Specs
3rd Party Integration
Visio Stencils
Dimensional Drawings
White Papers
Regulatory & Compliance Info
Tech Support Request Form
RA Request Form (Repairs Only)
Firmware Upgrades
End-of-Life Notices

Contact Support
Live Chat
Service Request Form
Return Authorization Form

Cable & Adapters
Console Cable & Adapters
Power Cable

Console ServersDSM Series Serial RJ45 Ports
TSM Series Serial RJ45 Ports
RSM Series Serial DB9 Ports
Console + Power Combos

Outlet Metered
High Amp C19
-48V, 24V, 12V DC
Basic Reboot – Horizontal
Basic Reboot – Vertical
Power + Console Combos

Outlet Metered PDU
High Amp C19 PDU
-48V, 24V, 12V DC PDU
Basic Switched – Horizontal
Basic Switched – Vertical
Power + Console Combos

Console Cables & Adapters
Power Cables

Remote DC Power Switches

Remotely switch power On/Off/Reboot to DC equipment. 12V, 24V & 48V DC power switches and dry contact alarm input solutions.

Power Control & Management:

– Remote Individual or Group Terminal Switching
– On, Off, Reboot or Scheduled Terminal Switching
– Terminal Sequencing & Power Up Delays
– User-Defined Power-Up Default Status & Terminal Status Retention
– Terminal Naming, Grouping & Access Control
– Ping Watchdog with Auto Reboot
– IP & SNMP Control
Includes Enterprise Management Software

Monitoring, Reporting:

– Over-Temperature Alarms
– Ping-No-Answer Alarm
– Invalid Access Lockout Alarm
– Power Cycle Alarm
– Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, SYSLOG
– Alarm, Command, Access Audit, Temperature Logging


– In-Band (10/100Base-T Ethernet Port)
– Out-of-Band (External Modem Ready)
– Local RS232 SetUp Port
– SSHv2 Encryption
– Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
– HTTPS/SSL/TLS Secure Web
– Multi-Level Subscriber Directory with Terminal-Specific Password Protection
– IP Address Filtering
– Remote Authentication: LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS/TACACS+
– Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6

– Web Browser & SSH Access for simple Setup and Operation
– Encrypted Password Security
– (2) Individual Input Terminals
– On / Off / Reboot Switching
– IP Addressed 10/100Base-T Interface
– RS232 Console/Modem Port
– IP Address Filtering
– Boot/Sequence Delay
– 19″ Rack Mounting Brackets

1.Free Parts
2.Free Labor
3.Free Support (US Based)
4.Free Firmware Upgrades
5.Fast Replacement Delivery


Dual GigE + Modem


Im happy to report that, thanks to your fast response, Ive been in a position to get our new WTI power reboot switch online with out a hitch… – Ben G. Tacoma
WTI products are hands down probably the most reliable gear we’ve got in our racks…

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