Remote Controlled Power Switch

You may you’ll be able to control electrical appliances and equipment from your telephone or mobile telephone!

The Phoneswitch is a remotely controlled 13 amp power switch which is operated by a coded telephone call. This BABT approved device will allow home owners, property managers and site operators to change heating appliances, lighting, security equipment, computers, modems, in actual fact almost any mains electrical device, on and off from any location using a telephone or mobile telephone.

The Phoneswitch provides reliable remote control from the office, the car or even from the other side of the world. It puts the user in direct control of important appliances and equipment allowing them to be switched on and off exactly as required, eliminating the guess work and limitations of timer based controls. Phoneswitch remote control is convenient, flexible and very efficient.

The Phoneswitch can be fitted and ready for use in just a couple of minutes. It simply plugs into any standard 13 amp socket and its integral lead connects it to a regular telephone socket without affecting normal use of the phone.

The Phoneswitch may be operated from any tone dialling telephone whether fixed, cordless, DECT, or mobile. First the line number is dialled, when the Phoneswitch picks up the decision a personally selected code number is dialled to access it. Then simply dial * 1# to turn it on or * 0# to show it off. These and other easy to remember codes and step-by-step instructions are printed on a bank card sized Phoneswitch card which is provided as a handy reminder. The Phoneswitch confirms all commands and the status, on or off, might be checked at any time. There is also a useful countdown facility to automatically switch the Phoneswitch off after a selected time.

The Phoneswitch also has many technical applications. It will probably, for example, be incorporated within a pc based control system with Phoneswitches at the assorted locations. It can be used to remotely control the ability to a modem for extra security by preventing unauthorised access to data.

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