Push Button Start Switch & Horn Switch Products

Push Button Start Switch & Horn Switch Products

Push button start and horn switch products offered at Del City are designed so you possibly can easily start your engine or other application with the press of a button. Each push button starter switch and horn switch offered features different characteristics. These push button start characteristics differ with a purpose to accommodate a wide range of applications that have unique specification demands. While all push button start switch options have a custom chrome look, each has different insulation types, different actuator sizes, and different aesthetic styles. The varied aesthetic styles include modern and classic options to accommodate the needs of assorted custom builds. Additionally, a number of the push button start switch styles have legends on the face, while others don’t. Similarly, among the push button starter switch styles also have illumination, while others do not. Illumination options include red, green, and blue lighting. Having an illuminated push button start switch can create a polished, professional look. The variety of actuations for these push button start switch styles includes momentary options. Additionally, some options are moisture-proof or insulated. These characteristics allow these push button start options to be installed in applications which can be used in harsh environments where moisture and dust could also be present. All push button starter switch styles offered at Del City can easily be mounted in a panel. The panel compatibility varies by switch. Additionally, a lot of the push button starter switches offered have screw terminals. While the characteristics are different, the overall purpose and function of those switches remains the identical and offers an excellent option for push button starter switch applications. Among the options below also can serve as a horn switch, just like the Insulated Starter & Horn Switch. However, a non-insulated option can also be available on your horn switch needs.

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