Push Button Light Switches, Push Button Light Switch Covers, Dimmers

The appropriate the appropriate pushbutton switches and wall plates to add some retro charm to your house or office.

Regular Push Button Light Switches – These control one light from one location. They are technically referred to as single pole switches but are sometimes are known as a 2-way push button switch. Choose from versions with one or two pearlized inlays, black inlays, or color capped buttons. Lifetime warranty. Buy genuine Classic Accents push button switches.

3-Way Pushbutton Switches – These allow you to manage one light from two locations. They’re utilized in pairs and are popular for long hallways, stairways, and rooms with two entrances and exits. Lifetime warranty.

4-Way Push-Button Switch – Use one of those switches together with the set of 3 way switches if you want to turn the lights on or off from 3 or more locations. Lifetime warranty.

Push Button Dimmer Switch – Available in single pole and three-way configurations, these convenient updates to the old fashion push button switches have one knob that pushes in and out to turn the sunshine or off and a second knob that rotates to let you set the lighting to a cushty level. Available in 300W and 600W versions depending upon how much power your lighting fixture needs. For instance, a lamp or a sconce is likely to be fine with a 300 watt switch but a chandelier would likely require a 600 watt dimmer. Buy patented Classic Accents push button dimmers.

Trimmed Push Button Light Dimmers – Narrow push button dimmers are required if you’re installing them next to a different dimmer or non-mechanical-latching device. The massive flange across the switch helps discipate heat, but when trimmed off in order to avoid overlapping and overheating, it can’t carry as large a load. This is called derating and causes the 300 watt dimmers to max out at 200 watts and the 600 watt dimmers to be limited to 400 watts maximum.

Dual Pushbutton Light Switches – Each button on these stacked switches controls a separate light fixture. Simply push to activate then push again to turn off. Shop for regular dual pushbutton switches or dual three-way push-button devices.

Dual Momentary Low Voltage Push Button Switches – A crossover between vintage push-button and low-voltage switches, these 12 volt electrical devices are typically used for garage doors or under-cabinet lighting fixtures. Each button on these two-button momentary switches can control a special light and independently pushes on and off. (Note that they Cannot be utilized in low voltage systems like those from Touchplate or General Electric.)

Why buy Classic Accents pushbutton switches & dimmers? – Classic Accents is the original manufacturer of top quality antique reproduction push button light switches. They’ve a 30-year history of reliability and offer a lifetime warranty on the preferred switches – your guarantee of value. Genuine Classic Accents dimmer knobs have a solid feel and turn smoothly when adjusting your lighting levels. Do not accept off-brand push-button switches that claim to be premium. Classic Accents holds the patent on push-button dimmers, so search for the trusted Classic Accents label before you purchase.

Push Button Switch Plate Sizes – Push-button wall plates are 4-1/2″ high (standard size). Singles are 2-3/4″ wide, doubles are 4-9/16″ wide, triples are 6-3/8″, quadruple pushbutton wallplates are 8-3/16″ wide, & five gangs covers are 10″ in width. Knob openings are 9/16″ in diameter spaced .937″ apart measured center to center. Screw holes are spaced 2-3/8″ apart (device mount). Standard 1/2″ 6/32 screws included. Kyle Switch Plate stocks pushbutton light switch plates in 10 configurations as much as 11 metal finishes. Buy standard and oversized push button switchplates in more than a dozen configurations.

Decorative Push Button Light Switch Covers: You will love our number of light switch plate covers with unique decorative patterns in a variety of styles including contemporary, Celtic, steampunk, Retro Art Deco, styiized cats, Art Nouveau, dragonfly and Mission Period designs. Shop decorative switch plates and outlet covers to buy other (non-pushbutton) configurations. Each series has about 100 sizes available for coordinating along with your new push button covers.

In search of dry contact pushbutton switches?

If your private home has low voltage wiring from companies resembling GE or Touch-Plate, you’ll need to buy low voltage push button switches which might be dry contact. Kyle Switch Plates specializes in replacement parts for both vintage push button and older low voltage light systems. The antique reproduction push-button light switches above work with standard wiring and would not be compatible with the specialized lighting setup found in low voltage homes.

Complement your antique decor when you purchase quality reproduction push button light switches & decorative light switch covers for a vintage home. Find exclusive wall plate finishes, a large number of sizes, push button dimmer switches, and unique decorative pushbutton light switch covers in a choice of designs.

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