Natural Gas And Electric Types of Wall Heaters

Wall heaters and their versatility make them ideal for quite a few locations including homes, offices, condominiums and apartments. They are sometimes embedded throughout the wall between two rooms, but they are often in or on the wall in a single room. There are three main varieties of wall heaters: electric, traditional gas heaters or unvented gas heaters are the commonest. There are even wall heaters for patios.

Common types

Perhaps the commonest type of wall mounted heater is the electric heater, which can be hung on the wall or mounted along the baseboards in any room in the house. Electric wall heaters are the easy to put in, but the least energy efficient. Electric heat isn’t as reliable as gas heat; when you have a power outage and electric heat is your only source of heat, you’ll end up searching for a gas alternative fairly quickly.

Natural gas wall heater is the conscious and practical choice of homeowners who prefer economical and effective way of heating their homes during those cold months. Normally, natural gas wall heaters have energy ratings varying from 10,000 BTU to 30,000 BTU. A patio wall heater will give your backyard, porch, or deck extended hours during those colder evenings. What you should look after when buying wall heater:

  1. Heater sizing by wattage,
  2. Voltage ?basic guidelines,
  3. Noise Level of the heater,
  4. Thermostat / Timer,
  5. Heater location.

The appliance you choose should match the dimensions of your room and handle its capacity. There are small ones for rooms similar to a small bedroom or bathroom. Medium heaters for hallways and by outside doors can be found. Also, high capacity heaters can be suitable for giant area rooms.

Most wall-type heaters include fans to circulate the heat, but if you come across an old gas wall heater, it might not. Radiant heat (without using a fan) can be comfortable, but won’t cover a large area. They are up and high up on the walls and even on the ceiling. Your guests, kids, or even pets aren’t going to run into them. Before you buy any heating appliance it is best to think about and understand any safety issues. Most heaters on today’s market have a number of inbuilt safety features that guarantee that the heater you are buying has passed rigorous testing and is safe to make use of in your house.

Choosing the proper wall heaters is usually a difficult but in the end you have to decide which model is best for you. Not all models are treated equal. It’s best to search out models with advanced safety features, resembling auto switch-off and people that supply energy saving solutions. These heaters can save you a considerable sum of money if used properly.

Final thoughts

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