Modifying Your Green Laser For More Power

A green laser pointer produces a far brighter visible beam than any other color of laser. This is not necessarily because the lasers are modded to such high powers, but instead because green is the brightest color within the visible light spectrum to the human eye.

For this reason the lower power 5mw green laser beam is clearly visible under the cover of night or just a little little bit of smoke. Still it seems this is not enough for many laser enthusiasts out there, they feel a necessity to modify their laser pointer to extend the strength of the beam, with little regard to the obvious safety hazards.

A green pointer with a simple on/off push button switch just isn’t legally allowed to be sold above an output of 5mW in the united states and plenty of other countries. This makes getting your hands on high power green lasers a bit of bit more tricky. If you understand where to look, you’ll be able to easily pick up prime quality hand held and industrial laser goods right from the net through reliable retailers with no hesitation. But, if this is out of your budget and you’re looking to buy green laser pointers cheap chances are you’ll consider modding your pointer.

The 532nm green laser crystal could be a bit less complicated to work with than that of a red laser pointer, which is yet another reason why green lazer pointers are so popular for laser modification. A simple sottering kit might be needed to finish this task, oh and of course your laser. Now, if you have a high power green laser, there is no such thing as a sense in toying with it because there is always the possibility for complete failure or permanent damage to your laser pen.

So, unscrew your lasers end-cap and punctiliously remove the batteries or power source. You may be able to see the green diode and even remove it if in case you have an actual cheap laser, but probably this would possibly not be the case. A number of laser manufacturers have made getting on the diode rather difficult, not so we won’t mod them, but so the laser stays in its solid state and remains durable. These are high precision crystal diodes and one variation can lead to a dispersed beam.

If the diode is removable you’re in luck, if not, I’d let the professionals handle your lasers. Spend the money, you won’t be disappointed. But for all of you cheapskates that want the most cost effective green laser pointer possible, and i feel where you are coming from, we have to remove the diode and locate the green laser crystal. You’ll notice it’s round, maybe the scale of the flat end of a pin, and appears like a CD or DVD laser eye. You might want to heat up your sottering kit and placed on some safety goggles.

Now we very carefully heat the diode until the crystal has been visibly changed, its great to have a few diodes laying around to get the hang of which way the green crystal needs to be heated for correct beam propulsion, but make do with what you may. After you have got heated and molded the crystal, from a round shape to an oval shape preferably, replace the diode into the laser casing. Return the pointers batteries and end-cap, then turn your green pointer on. Has the beams output power been increased? You will be able to tell immediately you probably have drastically increased the output of your green laser, but if the change is slight or you’ve ruined your laser we may be out of luck.

I am suggesting if you want a wonderfully collimated long lasting green laser pointer, you purchase the upper output powers. These high tech gadgets come with warranties and there is no risk in losing your pointer entirely. But for everybody on a budget who really needs a 50mW green pointer or higher, you may always try (I need to stress the word TRY) to mod your green beam at home. Either way, watch out with all lasers.

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