Methods to Wire A Intermediate Switch?

Firstly make certain that you’ve got pre-notified your local authority building control department and paid their fee in an effort to undertake DIY electrical work in your house – failure to notify and get consent for part P electrical work can put you prone to being fined as much as £5000.

ii) that the electricity supply is isolated in order that the lighting circuit is dead and safe to work on.

Intermediate switch is absolutely just an extension of two way switching, but does require a 4 terminal intermediate switch in addition to 2 two-way light switches. A two way switch might be identified by looking at the terminals on the back of the switch . There will likely be a Com (common) terminal a L1 terminal and a L2 terminal. On an intermediate it would normally have L1, L2, L3 and L4.

Three core and earth cable is required to put in two or three way switching and this must be run from the first light switch to second switch (intermediate) and then to the third switch. Switch one is the switch that contains the live wire and switched live wire (i.e.

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