Methods to Program A Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell

Heath Zenith wireless doorbells are a method to install door bells on your house without having to run electrical wire through the home. The disadvantage to all these doorbells is that sometimes a frequency from a nearby wireless system can ring your bell. You’ll be able to program the heath Zenith wireless doorbell to a different frequency. The unit uses dip switches very like older garage door openers. To reprogram the frequency, simply move a dip switch to a unique location. Remember though, the dip switches on the push buttons must match those on the chime.

Things You may Need
Flat-head screwdriver

Push within the retaining tab at the underside of every door bell push button with a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the push buttons off their mounts. Take each push button to the door chime.

Turn off the circuit breaker to the chime junction box. Remove the screws securing the chime to the junction box with the flat-head screwdriver. Pull the chime away from the junction box enough that you would be able to access the dip switches on the back of the chime.

Move one of the dip switches up or down on the door chime. Move the same dip switch to the precise location on the door bell push buttons. Press the door bells to make sure that the dip switches match each other.

Remove the small jumpers over a person switch, for further programing. The jumpers remove with tweezers. Remove the duplicate jumper on the push button when removing jumpers in the chime.

Place the chime back over the junction box and secure with the retaining screws. Snap the door bell push buttons back into their mounts on the door jamb.

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