Making The Switch From PC To Mac

I am a mac user, and that i adore it. I own an iMac G5 (1.9 GHz Power PC) and I’m currently running OSX Tiger. In this review, Ill be going over the advantages for getting a Mac over a PC, as well because the few (very few, that’s) disadvantages for buying a Mac.

Initially, Macs are just beautiful. Made from recyclable aluminum and glass, with a stunning display, Macs just look gorgeous. Any Mac will look beautiful in your desktop (without that bulky tower, I might add). Next, Macs are just safer. PCs are vulnerable to so many viruses now a days. There are actually millions of viruses and spyware/malware ready to pounce on your PC and steal your financial information, email passwords, and whatever else you retain on your computer. Some viruses may even wipe your Hard-Drive clean. All of your files gone right away. There are very, very few viruses that may affect a Mac. So, Macs might help keep your banking information, and identity safe.

Macs are just about ready to make use of, right out of the box. All it’s important to do is plug in the facility cable, and your ready to go! The operating system, Mac OSX Leopard is essentially the most advanced operating system on this planet, as of right now. And guess what? It comes standard. No other operating system (vista included) has the innovation, and customization that is offered with OSX Leopard. Also, Macs are faster, and just easier to use. Macs are also widely used for making videos, and other multimedia stuff with programs like iMovie, and iDvd. (that are also standard on the Mac) Also, things like bluetooth and airport come standard on the mac. This makes hooking up with printers, phones, and other devices easier than ever.

Although all of this sounds great, there are disadvantages to purchasing a Mac. First, they are flat out more expensive than most PCs. But, in the long term, they may last you longer, and you do not really need any extra software with them. So that they pay off themselves eventually. Secondly, downloading things could be a pain. Most downloads off websites and such can be for windows only. So it’s a must to spend time searching for an alternative download on your Mac.

So if your searching for a safe, ready to make use of computer, that is great for anyone (beginners to advanced computer geeks), a mac is likely to be a superb choice for you. You’ll spend more money off the bat, but will probably be good in the long term. Apple is always having good deals, especially around the “Back to highschool” Time, when college kids are buying computers. They often offer you a free iPod with a purchase order of a mac laptop. Also, places like Best Buy have great deals.

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