Leakage Inductance In Switch Transformers

Leakage inductance is present in all transformers, however the leakage inductance of the switching transformer is unquestionably an important indicator for energy provide. The moment when the manage switch is turned off there will produce EMF, which is easy to breakdown switch device?ˉs overvoltage. Leakage inductance inside the circuit can even perform along with the distributed capacitance and transformer coil oscillation circuit after which compose distributed capacitance, so circuit oscillations generates radiate electromagnetic energy which causes electromagnetic interference. For that reason, the analysis of leakage inductance principle and reducing the generation is certainly an critical a part of switch transformer design and style.
Leakage inductance of power transformers is brought on by the magnetic flux between the coils. Consequently, the calculation of your leakage flux between the coils is perhaps calculated in the worth with the leakage inductance. To calculate the transformer leakage flux involving the coils, the initial to grasp would be the magnetic field distribution among the two coils. We realize that the spiral coil within the magnetic field distribution is equivalent to 2 plates on the electric field distribution, so the magnetic field is substantially uniform intensity in spiral coil and magnetic energy is concentrated amongst the spiral coil. Additionally, to calculate the inside or outdoors magnetic field strength distribution of the spiral coil, the additional complicated circumstance can apply power distribution transformer, in addition to a reasonably easy predicament can apply Ampere Kirchhoff’s law.
The size from the leakage inductance amongst the 2 coils may also be associated with the distance. In the event the important thing and secondary windings are created of double parallel or double cross lines, the gap among the 2 coils will grow to be smaller. In particular working with double cross lines around the strategy is equivalent to 2-coil continuous exchange of inside and outdoors positions plus the reverse flux cancel one another out, so there are going to be incredibly tiny leakage inductance amongst. The main and secondary windings with double parallel or double cross wire are normally employed for prime-frequency transformers and pulse transformer. For the reason that dielectric strength between transformer?ˉs main and secondary windings just is not higher, it may be challenging to be utilised in prefabricated transformer substation provide.
Leakage inductance of general transformer main and secondary windings is about 1% to 2%. Applying layered staggered winding procedure can reduce the leakage inductance to 1% below and employing double cross wire wound technologies can reduce to 5 ?? below. As well as, the worth of your leakage inductance in coil is relative towards the length of air gap in transformer core. The longer the length of the air gap in transformer core is, the smaller the successful permeability and also the upper the relative worth of the leakage inductance.
The test of the leakage inductance of transformer coil is extremely uncomplicated. For example, to check the leakage inductance of the transformer principal winding, we’re able to just to make each ends from the transformer secondary circuit shorted after which connect the instrument to every ends with the important thing coil to for the result. Similarly, to test the leakage inductance of the transformer secondary winding, we’re able to brief ends with the main winding circuit and connect the instrument to each ends of secondary windings for the result.

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