IOS 11 Wish-List

iOS 11 Wish-List
Updated on September 15, 2016 Oilersmyth moreContact Author Source An iPhone 5S running iOS 8, image courtesy of the great people at iMore, check them out! | Source What do you want?
Do you might have anything so as to add to this list? In case you do, be sure you leave a comment below! I really like to hear new ideas! If it is adequate, I will add it to the list!

Are you happy with iOS 10?


Yes, it’s great!

I guess. Still missing some features I need, but overall it is good!
See results Because the inception of this post in late 2012, Apple has added 112 new features from this list.

UPDATE: I have not updated this post in some time (apologies), but I am back to curate your wishes for iOS 10. As for iOS 9, Apple seems to have really delivered! I deleted almost half of the previous list when removing introduced features! (There is a counter on the very top of this post counting the amount of wishes that comes true 😉 )

It feels as if Apple is basically listening! Keep them coming, who knows, maybe the oldsters over at Apple are reading this!

*Be sure you check back every week; I’ll be updating this list whenever I (or you guys) get new ideas!

Last Updated: September 16, 2016

*bold points indicate new features added within the last couple weeks.

iOS Wish-List

Ability to set seconds in the Timer within the Clock Application

Ability so as to add folders within folders

Ask Siri to check where your iDevices are located (Integration with Find My iPhone)

EQ access from the Music application

Low Battery Alert appears as a banner instead of a pop-up

Ability to disable Auto-Lock from Control Center

Ability to search out words in a specific note within the Notes Application

Group video chatting in FaceTime (More than 2 people)

Ask Siri for language translations

When Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is just not available, have Siri automatically turn off and switch to voice control

Ability to optimize and filter iTunes Wi-Fi sync

Ability to record the screen and consider recorded content in Photos app (Maybe a in-built toggle in Control Center?) (You can now do that when you’ve got a Mac, but still not a fully independent feature)

Have phone automatically switch to silent based on location/calendar settings

Ability to copy text within a text message, rather then having to repeat the entire message

Location-based settings for enabling and disabling Do not Disturb

Ability to change between card and list view when viewing search results for apps

Ability to maneuver/delete multiple apps at one time

Have a geo-fence for turning on and off Wi-Fi

Ability to forward Voicemail messages

Expand Guided Access to lock user within a certain folder of apps

Better use of extra screen estate on iPad lock screen

Ability to view saved Wi-Fi Connections individually in Settings and delete them

WPS support for connecting to Wi-Fi

Give apps the power to access ringtones so as to add custom ones (with user permission)

Option to have alarm delete itself after one use

Ability to set multiple timers at one time

Ability to permanently turn off alarm (until next specified time) using power button (can’t let you know how many times I’ve accidentally put it on snooze, thinking I have turned it off properly, only to have it ring in school!)

Merge iMessage conversations so that folks’s different accounts are all in one thread

Customizable Music equalizer that can be accessed in the Music app

Offline maps (in-built to the Maps app)

Ability to select songs from the Lock Screen

Ability to share screens over FaceTime

Ability to toggle between iMessage and Text Message from within the Messages application

Ability to playback voice-mail messages 2x faster

Photo Booth effects integrated with Facetime

Offline Dictation and Siri engine

Allow text messages from certain people to undergo while Don’t Disturb is activated

Ability to alter an App’s default notification sound

Cross-fade slider in the music app

Data toggle in Control Center

Developer dynamic backgrounds, we would like more.

Ability to set appointments with contacts from contact application

Ability to see missed calls and text messages, and ability to send iMessages from

Add a default QR/barcode scanner for the camera app

360′ panorama mode

More flexible timings with Don’t Disturb

Ability to anchor icons anywhere on the springboard

Custom Siri Database
This is an idea which requires various explaining. It is hard to explain, so sorry if it’s hard to grasp. So here’s my idea. To illustrate you just got a new lock in your gym locker. I might pull out my phone and tell Siri “Remember my lock combination for my locker is 12-13-14. Siri would then save to the brand new custom Siri database. So the following time I forget my combination I can just ask Siri for the mix. Another example; as an instance you place your extra key in a hidden place. Now, if you’re stupid like me, you forget your hiding places the next day. So when i hide it, I might immediately tell Siri “Remember that I hid the extra house key under my mattress.” So the next time you need to search out the important thing, you can ask Siri where you set it.

Now to manage all of these custom requests, there could be a dedicated category in Settings. There you may delete and add custom requests. You’ll be able to add custom requests for just about anything! I currently use Notes app to quickly jot down where I put my things and what my combos are. This can be an excellent addition to Siri for forgetful people like me.

For more information on how Siri could be improved, visit my article about that here!

Is there anything you wish to be in the next edition of iOS? Tell me within the comments below! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas thus far! Make sure to share this article with your pals!

Are you pleased with iOS 9?

15% Yes! Everything is perfect!

54% Still just a few things I would like…

31% Apple, why don’t you ever listen?!
13 people have voted on this poll. This poll is now closed to voting.

Are you pleased with iOS 8?

36% Yes, it is near perfect now!

39% Yeah, they had the precise idea, however the BUGS…

25% No, I didn’t get everything I wanted.
36 people have voted in this poll. This poll is now closed to voting.

Are you pleased with Apple’s new iOS 7?

50% Yes! I absolutely like it!

20% Nah, they may’ve done significantly better.

30% Kinda. Some things are slightly flawed.
246 people have voted in this poll. This poll is now closed to voting.

Are you proud of Apple’s iOS 6?

10% Yes, it has everything I asked for!

43% Slightly, it is still missing a couple of features

46% Nope. I was expecting way more features.
2826 people have voted in this poll. This poll is now closed to voting.

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sendingfexlo 2 years ago

An concept that I doubt will go into effect is bringing the iTunes Visualizer to iOS (and possibly also for the iPod Nano). Apple has long stopped advertising the iTunes Visualizer, but I still use it because it does an incredible job of relaxing me.

MDWhee 3 years ago

How about an app that works like a sticky note on the lock screen to write down on so whenever I open my phone to check the time I see the note on there.

Jeremy 3 years ago

1, 58, 67, and 22 were integrated with ios 8

Olaf Winkler 3 years ago

How a few ZeroEnergy/OneService Option?

Turn off all other energy consuming Services and only provide one Service like incoming calls or whatever you want.

Can be nice in case you are in areas where you need nothing else.

harbmaster 3 years ago

1)I hope to see a way to quickreply by the notification opening the app and than going back to the previous app after getting completed the action which caused the notification in the first place or pressed the house button.

2) Safari downloads

3) A way to alter the theme. I actually wish I could have a dark theme on my black iPhone and keep the sunshine theme on my white iPad. They did this with the splash screen


Johnd379 3 years ago

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Johnf2 3 years ago

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Liz 3 years ago

I would like to save lots of gifs.

Ryan 3 years ago

Add a Mail message to reminders for follow-up, from within Mail. Make Reminder links to Mail messages (created in desktop OSX) functional.

Woman 3 years ago

The ability to have different fonts for text

George 3 years ago

The power to call group chats can be awesome

Billf37 3 years ago

Have the Dock on every screen. (Open a folder however the Dock continues to be there)

Oscar 3 years ago

When someone enters the wrong password a picture wil make with the front camera with gps location and it’ll send to you by mail.

What do you think of this guys concept for #24. I think he did it rather well. The only addition I’d ask for is a kill all button on multitasking

I also really like this feature. Maybe with a purpose to implement it with a swipe-like feature if you hold down the shift button swipe, then the cursor will move. You just will not be able to highlight words like this

rkbd 3 years ago

actions in notification center

should go with the ios 7 theme in fact

for #11 on the list swiping right to left should permit you to delete the notification and swiping left to right should can help you do the action

It can be nice to be able to put some kind of status on my phone indicating if i were busy or available. I’ve always hated texting someone and waiting for a reply only to get one within an hour. This fashion after i pull up their contact to send them a message i can see a little icon showing after they’re busy so i can atleast expect to not get an answer right away

Sam Nelson 3 years ago

1. Video backgrounds

2. Stronger speaker

3. More skips on iTunes Radio

4. Designs for key board

5. More motion for dynamic backgrounds

Kyle hammers 3 years ago

It is best to have the ability to make your background a slide show.

JCSolus 3 years ago

Add a Timeline button in the person’s page that shows all interactions (mail, calls, texts, Facebook etc.) with that person. It would be just like a spotlight search on the name of that person but more rigorous.

Contacts + Calendar

Add a button to the contact form that lets the user easily create an appointment with the newly registered person.


Add a way to remember how I got acquainted with the person. It is likely to be a feature of LinkedIn Contacts.


Enable to manual sorting of pictures the way apps are arranged on the house screen: by pressing on considered one of a long time until it shakes then by moving it around.


Replicate the phone button within the web environment. The idea is to make do for a phone forgotten at home: It would enable to see missed calls and text messages in an effort to call back!

Silence button

Discover a strategy to let the user know whether he is putting it on or of f from the underside of his pocket.

Unlock screen

Make the swipe shorter: it’s longer that on iOS 6 and too difficult.


Discover a approach to let the user know that some information lying in a message (phone number, email address) is missing from that person’s Contact Info.


Why are the icons missing from the primary part of the screen (inbox)?


Enable a selected numbers keyboard (phone like).

Disable the ‘back to letters?toggle when typing a blank after a number.

Homogenize keyboards: they are 3 or 4 models depending of the app (iOS 6 type, iOS 7 type + background colors).

Podcats, itunesU

Enable landscape view on the primary list.


Add a default QR code and barcode reader.


Add the altitude.

iPhone Genius

Record unused features (highly personal) and add a feature demonstrating those upon request from Settings.


Show a way to add fonts missing on a PowerPoint import.


Fix the discrepancy between iPhone times and the rendering.

Having more control on the dimensions of the split keyboard on iPad. There are only 2 sizes of the keyboard, the full keyboard which for me is a bit too big or the split keyboard which is way too small. An adjustable size would be far more comfortable for typing.

Arnav 3 years ago

This is 10 features on my wishlist:

1. An innovative implementation of actionable notifications.

2. Multiple profiles including Guest Accounts for iPads (or maybe even iPhones), with optional parental control in case of kids who use the iPads.The option to modify accounts might be given on the multitasking screen, where some space is being wasted anyway.

3. A 360-degree sphere panorama mode, and pics clicked this fashion can be utilized to set amazing parallax wallpapers that behave as if you’re looking around the place.

4. Maps can start by becoming nearly as good as (or maybe better than)Google in terms of data accuracy.In Apple maps,currently you may only pick either of walking or driving directions. Apple should allow for driving, walking and transit directions to be combined to provide good alternative routes(i.e identical to Google).Also,the acquisition of locationary should mean data will get better, and info about places can be more accurate and helpful.

5.Indoor Mapping in Maps will likely be awesome.Also, there is a rumoured feature about iphones using M7 motion chip and maps together for applications like remembering and directing you to your car’s parking place,etc. which can be cool.

6. Apple needs to include yelp or tripadviser reviews in their maps, suggesting good options for dining, etc. making for better exploration experiences.

7. What could be really good is that Siri, in addition to being your voice assistant, can add functionality much like Google Now, arranging all the data you need from all apps in a contextual,smart and consistent way which comes up at the right time at the correct place. This may be inside the Siri app itself. They may also add Siri Eyes(like Google Goggles).

8. Notifications from the app can go to the Today view.The service can be demonstrated as follows–you could have called some employees for a gathering. But the Siri app uses info from the weather and maps apps to assess and find out that it will take you a longer time to reach as a consequence of bad weather conditions and traffic. So siri will send you a notification asking you to send a message to the workers.Boom!

This would wish a much smarter AI which Apple is surely able to delivering.

9. The following iPhone could finally do NFC, which might mean a wallet feature might be added to passbook, that can show up within the aforementioned Siri functionality. Since Touch ID is there, security should not be much of a difficulty.

10.Finally there are the little things. Don’t Disturb is great but they’ll power it up more to incorporate separate scheduling for weekends and weekdays, or for any particular day(s).They may add an option for a swype-like keyboard AND one for Adaptive and intuitive predictive text like in BBZ10. or one to have the best of both the worlds.

Following the colourful and dynamic iOS 7, more personalisation options can be added in settings to set the colour of the keyboards, notification center, control center,etc. to black,white,red,blue or anything you like because some people do complain about lack of personalisation options in iOS.

Please remember this is just a wishlist…

AuthorOilersmyth 3 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

@jkhorton: Added!

@Miracle Norvell: Already have that on the list!

@tgh138: Apple only allows media bought on iTunes or matched by iTunes match to be stored on iCloud. The likelihood of Apple allowing media from other sources to be stored on their servers is unlikely.

@Sepp: That is possible, but there always needs to be a way to turn off the device immediately, no questions asked. (This is for security purposes, called a tough Reset). Thieves use this feature to their advantage and unfortunately, nobody has thought of a method to combat this.

jkhorton 3 years ago

How about the flexibility to alter an app’s default notification sound?

Miracle Norvell 3 years ago

iOS 8 should let u face time more than 1 peeson the maxuim ought to be 5

i want my itunes library as part of icloud in order that if i am away from my computer but my phone is connected to wifi songs on my library just download onto my iphone

If the phone is locked with passcode it should not be possible to download all pictures by connecting with a mac/pc

Sepp 3 years ago

I want to have an option to secure the “turn off” with the code or fingerprint. So if someone steal your phone, he cant turn it off and so you might have an opportunity to seek out it (as long as the phone has mobile internet and the thief do not remove the sim card)

tgh138 3 years ago

#58- not just swype. Swiftkey can also be an excellent third party keyboard, and it would not even need to be integrated, a minimum of give us the choice to download them from the app store

Also it would be nice to be able to customize within the settings what’s on your control center. There are a whole lot of things i do not use that i’d like to replace.

JJ 3 years ago


Alex. 3 years ago

Musik is a mess in ios 7 on ipad

The old app was not perfect, neither is the new, lyrics cant be displayed on ipad, gestures are missing (next previous – this worked in 6 but not for safari, now its in safari but not in musik, arrgghhhh)

Just a few more gestures in photos could be nice too. Also sync of stars tags etc from iphoto.

lg 3 years ago

Don’t Disturb should let text messages are available just like the phone requires Favorites. Text are blocked out now.

Le Bob 4 years ago

Yea this wish list almost made me throw up rainbows.

Yup, working on an updated version. I will await the general public release though, since iOS 7 can change anytime.

any chance you”ll create an ios 8 wish list?

Apple lover 4 years ago

Ability to send and receive files via bluetooth.

Hkp 4 years ago

The new IOS should have this function. The phone can only be turned off when the user unlocked the phone. That is to stop thievery and enable the user to for the lost/ stolen phone.

@Oilersmyth No problem

AuthorOilersmyth 4 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

@Tgh138 Yes! I want that feature too! Thanks for mentioning it!

tgh138 4 years ago

I could not find a way to alter the SSID name of my personal hotspot without changing the name of my iPhone. If there is no way to do that, please make one.

Rockstarr2000 4 years ago

Ability to block a contact from calling/texting/imessaging directly from the native contacts app.

kelo53 4 years ago

found some stuff…

Mission control: personal fixes-swipe up from the underside of the screen for the mission control page. customizable to indicate what you want. multitasking, detailed battery info, music controls, volume/brightness bars (separate), tap to tweet/post buttons, quick settings, weather?/p>

Dashboard for widgets (takes over the spotlight page): personal fixes- in a position to drag widgets to other pages.…

expose’/grid style interface for better multitasking: personal fixes- a “close all apps” button by getting rid of the rotation lock button.

Faster app switching…

spaces: personal fixes- you get there by hitting the home button on the main home screen. (usually doing that would take you to the spotlight page) spaces would come with notification center, mission control, dashboard, quick access (explained below), and all of your house screens. will include page indicator. could have spotlight search. (for those who are used to clicking the house button and going to the spotlight page)

quick settings: personal fixes- accessible from the lock screen. normally when you swipe from the top to the underside of the screen you get notification center, but since there is not any notification center on the lock screen, whenever you swipe down you get quick access (a mixture of quick settings from iphonehacks and the concept from dribble below)…

an addition to quick settings (will now be called “quick access”). now quick access will have settings, contacts, and actions resembling phone, message, siri?/p>


better notification center: what I liked- badges in status bar, badges reflect read status, stocks timeline, favorites (contacts), and collapsible notifications

what i didn’t like- third party widgets, settings buttons or volume toggle (should only be in mission control/quick access), weather widget (don’t need it if it’s a widget for the home screens), and calls as notifications- it needs to be an option (toggle in settings)…

better unlock screen:…

weather widget on lock screen;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ data-page-url=”//” data-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

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