Installing Curtain Poles Safely

Installing curtain poles may be an exercise in frustration if not done correctly, and considering the height of some windows, it may be risky as well. Though it is very important follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, there are a variety of basic rules of thumb that will help with the installation of almost any curtain rod.

1. Measure: Measurements are key before making a purchase order. Most curtain poles’ brackets extend from the window recess by about 15-20 cm and about 15 cm above it. Obstructions may prevent this, so it is important to know the area where the pole would fit. Also, look ahead to any electric sockets or light switches within 30 cm of the window; there could possibly be wires running within the wall that you simply will need to avoid later. In case your window is high, use a secure step stool or stepladder for this step.

2. Select a curtain pole to suit: With those measurements in mind, it’s time to choose the type of curtain pole you want to install. If the rod has a decorative finial, make sure you should have enough room for it on the other side of the brackets.

3. Put together the rod and measure again: Your curtain pole may are available two halves, so that you will need to assemble it. Double check the rod’s measurements and compare them along with your window to get an ideal symmetrical fit.

4. Get a drill: Since your curtain pole brackets will require you to drill into your walls, doors or window frames, it’s possible you’ll encounter unknown materials. You will need a drill, and if your walls have concrete, you want one with hammer action. In case you noted the electrical outlets or switches before, you may want to use an electrical stud finder to trace the wiring from the switch or outlet and avoid a nasty shock later.

5. Measure, mark, drill: You’ll again be measuring and marking, this time with the precise dimensions of your new curtain pole. Measure exactly where you want the first bracket to go, after which use it as a guide to drill the holes in your screws.

6. Install first bracket: Screw your bracket in using the holes you might have created. You have to be able to do that by changing out your drill bit for a screwdriver bit. For an exceptionally heavy pole, you may have to use those drill holes to position in wall anchors first, then screw into the anchors.

7. Repeat: You will need to measure again on the other side of the window to ensure your final result will be level and symmetrical before installing that bracket as you probably did the primary.

8. Place your curtain pole into the brackets: To avoid doing this twice, you may wish to slide your curtains onto the pole before putting it on the brackets. For higher windows, you might have a second set of hands and possibly a second stepladder to quickly and safely get the pole into place. With this step done, so is the project.

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