How Does A Dimmer Switch Work?

Lighting is now a key feature and focal point in quite a lot of modern houses and among the best ways to get a very good effect is using an electrical dimmer switch, which can be utilized to set a wide range of light levels in a room. Most people now don’t need bright lights all the time.

Dimmer switches are clever devices that can be utilized to manage the extent of lighting at the twist of a dial, or now with modern technology you may just touch the light switch to make it go up or down. The latter type of dimmer switch is perfectly safe to make use of, however some people can struggle with the thought of just touching a metal pad to switch a light on and off. With lots of these types of touch dimmers, you simply hold down your finger for a couple of seconds to bring the lights up to the required level of light.

They basically work by regulating the amount of electricity going to the light.

The way in which that they do this though has changed over the past few years. Within the seventies and eighties nearly all of them worked by regulating the electricity via a resistor, but this was not efficient as they used loads of electricity, which was wasted within the type of heat coming off the resistor. In addition they had a tendency to overheat.

However modern varieties of switches use a distinct approach and are way more efficient because of this. The fashionable version still uses a resistor, but the way in which it does its job could be very different. It basically switches itself on and off several times per second. This may have the slightly annoying side effect of a slight buzzing noise. This is commonly only found on cheaper dimmer switches with better ones using more suppression technology to scale back this buzzing noise.

You can now get very modern dimmer switches that are touch sensitive, or ones with a photovoltaic sensor in them that permits a constant lighting level to be maintained within the room at any time of day or night.

Overall they’re extremely simple to use and they will now be installed to just about any lighting system very simply indeed, where because the older style dimmer switches couldn’t be used with halogen lights. So this change of technology in dimmer switches has helped to modernize modern lighting systems.

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