Gurus Are Wrong!

This is excerpted from the “Millionaire Mind Reprogramming” Course Special Report.

.1.1. WHAT THE GURUS Let you know

You have got this host of authors, teachers and experts giving you all sorts of WRONG advice. Let’s call them GURUS to make our job easier.

Most of them learned from their own gurus, which in turn learned from gurus before them. And they’re passing to you both the nice and BAD teachings they learned.

They’re all very well intention. They want that can assist you. Unfortunately, they try to pass on to you THEIR BELIEFS — in the same way poverty and poverty consciousness are passed from generation to generation.

One of many Most generally disseminated information is that when you’re working with a goal, it Should be stated in the present tense, as if already accomplished.

It should be in the primary person “I”. It has to be only within the positive form. You need to VISUALIZE the goal in as much detail as possibly and as vividly as possible. You’re feeling all the sensations,, HEAR all the sounds, SMELL and TASTE everything.


Assume it’s June 13, 2007. You set a goal to get $1,000 in the next four weeks. For simplicity, let’s establish your deadline is for July 13, 2007. You desire this money to pay a bill to Mr. Johnson.

In accordance with most gurus on the market you’ll write down your goal in the next way (or an analogous way):

“I’ve in my possession $1,000.
And Mr. Johnson is paid in full”.

This statement is your ‘programming’ instruction, also called AFFIRMATION.

Then, you’ll get busy ‘imprinting’ (= programming) this goal into your personal Subconscious mind.

The procedure they’ll Probably recommend is the next:

You choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. You settle your body in a really relaxed position either sitting down together with your spine straight or lying down in a really relaxed manner.

You’d close your eyes.

You’ll take several deep breaths to make you relax deeper and deeper. Some recommend you retain this deep breathing for a couple of minutes until you feel totally relaxed. Others tell you to undergo a progressive relaxation making each a part of your body relax one after the opposite, until your whole body is relaxed.

Up to now, everything they told you to do is alright.

The only thing they don’t seem to be telling you is that, with this procedure, they’re making you go into a slight or deep hypnotic (trance) state, where your Subconscious is rather more open and receptive to instructions, suggestions and commands.

But MOST gurus won’t let you know That is what is going on because they are so AFRAID of YOU being AFRAID to learn that you are using hypnosis, a word still involved in mystery and superstition in these modern times – on this case self-hypnosis (hypnosis you do on yourself where you might be both the hypnotist and the hypnotized subject).

HERE comes the GLITCH . . . or should I say the “BLIP” in the method?

Now that you are totally relaxed, you are speculated to repeat your affirmation several times:

“I’ve in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full.

and more time.

At the same time, you are told to VISUALIZE the tip-result as already being achieved. In this case.

As you REPEAT that affirmation, they inform you to SEE in your mind’s eyes that you are giving the cash to Mr. Johnson and you then SEE both of you smiling very happy. You’re told to VISUALIZE the surroundings with as much detail as possible. Then, you might be told to FEEL the emotions of happiness, FEEL the warm light of the sun in Mr. Johnson’s garden in your skin, FEEL the breeze of the wind on your hair. In other words, SEE yourself there, FEEL yourself there, HEAR all of the sounds of the place. You’re instructed to reproduce in as much detail as possible the SMELLS of the day, what you TASTE, and on and on.

Some people already have a conflict of REPEATING some message while at the identical TIME trying to VISUALIZE. It simply doesn’t work for them.

Some gurus will inform you to REPEAT your affirmations 30-50 times (or some number) and AFTER doing it, you’ll start the VISUALIZATION/FEELING portion of the Subconscious programming.

If you’re dealing with some NLP instructor, they’ll inform you to make the images BRIGHTER or DIMMER, bring the pictures CLOSER or move them to a DISTANCE from you, make the SOUND louder or lower, superimpose this image on top of that image, use “Swish’ pattern, etc., etc., etc. Aren’t you getting bored with all of this without even doing it? MANY get exhausted just trying to go through this process.
And their RATE of success is dismal.

There are such a lot of “BLIPS” in all of those.

I cannot possibly cover all the “PROBLEMS” with these techniques.

Therefore, I’ll keep observations to the minimum.

Initially, how many geniuses were created by NLP? Very few? NONE?

Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Edison, Mozart weren’t using NLP. NLP did not even exist in those days. They used their very own methods, methods that were NATURAL to them and their minds.

Andrew Carnegie, Aristotle Onassis, the first John Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan didn’t know anything about NLP. I doubt very much Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Bill Bartmann use any of those fancy NLP techniques. They use what’s NATURAL to them and their minds. And they keep practicing making their very own methods even better.

NLP was invented by two fellows, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They did a wonderful job in popping out with new ways of doing things – except their followers try to make EVERYONE believe it applies to EVERYBODY on the planet. NLP works for some people and doesn’t work for too many others.

Not everyone can visualize, taste, smell, feel with their minds only.

Some people cannot visualize in any respect. The moment they’re told to VISUALIZE the end result with as much detail and as vividly as possible, they quit. Most gurus cannot realize these people cannot visualize clearly or in any respect. Imagine what happens when they’re told to make a picture brighter or dimmer, to move a picture to a distant location or move it closer, or to super-impose one picture on top of the other. They are NON-visualizers and a different method must be used by them.

The same thing happens when you ask someone to FEEL, or TASTE or HEAR with their minds. Many will not be wired to do it that way. They need different techniques.

And what about repeating your AFFIRMATION in the current tense?

Here is what goes contained in the minds of MANY who try this advice from our GREAT gurus. As they try to repeat over and over their AFFIRMATION, look at what is going on:

“I’ve in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full”.
And a bit of voice inside says, “Nonsense, you do not have it”

“I have in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full”.
And the little voice continues, “In your dreams”

“I have in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full.
And the little voice continues, “You are an idiot. You might be lying to yourself”

“I have in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full”.
And the little voice continues, “You don’t have any money, and Mr Johnson needs his money immediately”.

“I have in my possession $1,000. And Mr. Johnson is paid in full”.
And the little voice says, “You’re just wasting your time. You don’t have that money”

And the MORE the person tries to make this work, the MORE Subconscious resistance he is creating. And the LESS chances he has of achieving that goal. And soon, the person gives up saying “This mind programming stuff is for the birds. It doesn’t work. It’s all a waste of time”.

And the way about those that use hypnosis and guided imagery?

Well, by now you realize that those NON-visualizers will immediately fail to imprint any new belief or goal into their Subconscious because ? They don’t seem to be good at visualizing.

And people who experience difficulties HEARING sounds, FEELING sensations, TASTING new tastes, SMELLING scents with their minds will view these guided Imageries as a complete waste of time. They either fall asleep or rise up FRUSTRATED and IRRITATED – which simply reinforces their belief they’re losers.

1.2. THE SIMPLER, The better.

Our GREAT gurus forget that the simpler things work quite a bit better.

In the Millionaire Mind Reprogramming Advanced Course, an example is given about famous British hypnotist Paul McKenna. He appeared on a TV show hosted by Montel Williams a few years ago. He hypnotized a reasonably girl to feel increasingly more attracted to ANY guy who would WINK at her. The more he did it, the more she would show those unmistakable and natural signs of being attracted.

Paul Mckenna did not use any fancy NLP technique or visualization. His method was as quick as conditioning her to go right into a deep trance state. And once he was able to do this, he simply hypnotized her very deeply and commanded her to FEEL this attraction for any guy that may WINK at her. Period. Nothing else. ZAP her into Deep trance, give her the new instruction/command, tell her to forget about what happened under hypnosis, wake her up. And she started feeling drawn to a man that might WINK at her again and again, increasing her attraction with every WINK.


I want you to gain something useful as your reward for taking the time to read this Report. I want you to do the following Exercise and find out which of these three possible programming FORMATS will make your mind accept a selected “Money Magnet” instruction/command better and faster. You need about 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time and PRIVACY.

You’ll experiment with the next formats.


1. I’m a money magnet

2. John/Mary, You are a money magnet (use your personal name)

3. BE a money magnet, BE a money magnet.


Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes, breathe deeply several times. You may want to maintain doing it until you’re feeling calm and relaxed. When you’re feeling sufficiently calm and relaxed, start REPEATING again and again mentally in the INSIDE of your head:

For the first 3 minutes:

“I’m a money magnet”

For the following 3 minutes: (use your individual name)

“John/Mary, you are a money magnet”

For the last 3 minutes;
“BE a money magnet, BE a money magnet,…?.
Place emphasis on “”BE””


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