Garage Door Safety Tips To recollect

Lately, a garage door is usually remotely controlled instead of manually controlled. There are still manually controlled ones around but these are fewer compared to the openings controlled by remote. Since these openings should have the ability to let a vehicle through, it’s understood that they are large and heavy. Safety is a key concern in relation to this a part of the home.


The open and shut mechanism of a garage door must be well maintained in addition to other parts of the unit to make sure that there is minimum risk of accidents. The motor needs to be kept freed from dust and other debris which may cause it to get stuck or to operate erratically.

Depending on what sort of entry one has at home, there are several different sorts of openings. Roll up and roll down, hinged doors and others are among the more common ones around. Even the remote control used to operate the mechanism should be maintained well and needs to be brought in for servicing if there’s any damage incurred on it.

It isn’t a Plaything

The unit is not a toy. This is something that needs to be impressed on children to avoid accidents and even fatalities. The concept of a mechanism that does the bidding of a remote could be appealing to small and even older children.

Many play with the garage door as part of their make believe world or simply out of curiosity how it works. It is important to point out to a child that when the unit starts to go up or down there is little that anyone can do to stop it unless using the remote.

The potential of being squashed under it or lifted up and caught within the paneling is serious and dangerous. It is imperative that children are taught not to play in and across the vicinity of a moving garage door and even an open one. Accidents can and will happen even with the utmost care.

Playing with the controller can prove fatal and the entryway should always be kept in sight when opening or closing it until it is fully opened or closed to forestall accidents or damage. Even the hinges, motor and another moving parts of the garage door can prove dangerous when little fingers or clothes are caught in them. Reading the user manual may also help to know safety when it comes to these parts of the home. Regular maintenance of the unit also helps to prevent accidents.

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