Electrical Panel Design Software

Generates: Generates data sheets as bill of materials. estimation /* 728×90, created 10/23/10 */ google_ad_slot = “0171271209”; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; //–> One Software with multiple design features:
a)- Design Motor Control Center (MCC)
b)- Design Power Control Center (PCC)
c)- Design Desk Type Panels
d)- Design Instrumentation Panels
e)- Design Distribution & Metering DBs
f)- Design Feeder Pillars
g)- Design Bus Bar Trunking
h)- Draw Schematic Electrical Circuits

Simple operation: No intensive training. Just select the required switchgear, drag it to the workarea and drop.
Automatic Panel Sizing: What ever switchgear ( ACB, OCB, SFU of any make) is added to the template, automatic panel size & dimensions, panel volume, MS / SS sheet weight is calculated.
Automatic Busbar Sizing & Weight: Calculates bus bar size, cross-section & weight automatically as per the selected incomer size and making an allowance for other factors affecting the scale and performance of busbars.
Electrical Symbol Library: Inbuilt electrical symbol libray. Select a logo and place it on the e-board. Draw as sophisticated electrical circuits as you possibly can.
Multifunction: Design any type of electrical control panel, instrumentation panel, draw electrical circuits and calculate automatic bus bar size. Mouse click wiring numbering in auto ascending mode. Auto Labelling of all electrical acceessories.
Multi-color Wiring Diagrams: Give different colors to phase & neutral lines and make your electrical drawings more easily understandable and presentable.
Generates: Generates data sheets as bill of materials. estimation & costing. GA drawings, Farication drawings, Bus-Bar chart, Cut-out (Mechanical) design. Auto-generation – single line diagrame (SLD).
A key design tool: A key design tool for electrical panel designers, electrical panel manufactures, electrical machine builders, electrical engineering professionals, electrical switchgear manufacturer, electrical suppliers, electrical design consultants, electrical contractors.
CNC compatible Programming Text File: It generates text file to feed input details to CNC sheet cutting machine for making cut-outs for accessories. Text file contains programming for 2 – axis CNC co ordinates.

Latest Update –
1 – Now design PCC, MCC, Distribution Centers, Distribution Boards, Machine Control Panels using PLCs, Instrumentation Panels, Desk Type Panels, Floor Type (slanted) Panels, Floor Type (plain) Panels.
2 – Get General Layout Drawings, Bill of Materials sheet, Estimation & Costing sheet, Single Line Diagrams, Complete Circuit Diagrams (semi automatic) generation.
3 – Labeling System (for accessories and controls) Added,
4 – Wiring (ferrule) Numbering System Added,
5 – Motor Starter Star – Delta Drawings added and auto number of materials as per motor capacity and plenty of more…

Know more concerning the software…

Electrical Control Panel Design Software
3 phase industrial power control panel and distribution board designing is no more a tedious and time consuming job now. Get your industrial power panel and distribution board designed within minutes. Just drag the required switchgears, instruments, meters, indicating lamps, fuses & accessories into your work area and let your computer simulator design and calculate the varied dimensions of your panel for you. Make changes in size if required, change placement of items to best suit you and again get a brand new design and dimension. No limit what number of times you modify the layout and you get the final designs.Simulator takes care of various clearances when you place an item within the template and calculates the ultimate size by taking into account these clearances and other factors.

Panel accessories
Panel accessories like – Voltmeter, Ampere meter, Frequency meter, Red Indicator, Yelow Indicator, Blue Indicator, Hinge, Lock, Knob, Contactor, Relay, Timer, Insulator, Busbar – Support, Selector Switch, Control Fuse, Push Button, Earth Fault Relay, Over Current Relay, CT, Electric Motor Starter, Power Factor Meter can be dragged from the tool bar and placed upon the panel template as per the need of the design.

Kinds of Panels You possibly can Design
With the help of this software now you’ll be able to design any type of 3 phase industrial power and electrical control panels – be it a power control centre (PCC), a motor control centre (MCC), an electrical power distribution centre, electrical distribution board or an instrumentation panel. Design cubical power panels, desk type control and instrumentation panels, floor type control and instrumentation panels. A key tool to design ‘Contorl & Relay Panels’ using PLCs and SCADA system.

Draw Electrical Circuit
The software enables you to draw any type of complecated electrical power and control circuit/diagram. You draw horizontal and vertical lines and put electrical symbols upon the lines to complete your electrical (power or control) circuit. Cross over points are automatically converted into shorting-links or could also be changed to jumpers or vise-a-versa. The software contains almost all the symboles in its library required to generate electrical power and control circuits. Label all of the electrical symboles through a pop up text box – just enter the name/specification of the item and put it near the the symbol. Put ferrul numbering on each wire as per your convenience and requirement. Give color to all of the lines as red , yellow (Y) and blue (B). Default line color is black i.e., neutral (N). Select line thickness to differenciate between power and control wiring. Rotate electrical symboles by 90 deg or back to best suit the location upon the power lines. Delete any electrical symbol or power line with right mouse operation. So this software can generate elctrical power and control circuits in semi automatic mode.

Single Line Diagram
Single Line wiring diagram is generated automatically.

Bill Of Materials
What ever you add to your panel or electrical circuit, every thing is added to bill of material sheet automatically. Should you delete an item it is removed from the sheet itself.

Estimation & Costing
You get an in depth estimation and costing detail in the word formate for simple printout and distribution. Change item cost, panel board painting and fabrication cost, bus bar cost, labour cost, margin profit as per your system and set up.

Take printouts of the entire design along with detailed bill of materials, estimation & costing sheet, general layout, single line diagrame (auto-generation) and finally complete circuit diagram (semi-auto mode). When you might have completed the design part and wish to know the price of your panel, options are there to see the person costs of busbars and panels

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