Eco-Friendly Components For Trade Show Stands

Is no isn’t any secret that organising and running trade show exhibits utilize a variety of materials. For this reason, it may be hard for companies at trade events to ‘go green?and reduce their impact on the environment, though many businesses express a desire in doing so. However, achieving this goal is easier nowadays, with so many eco-friendly options for trade show stands on the market. The next are a couple of ideas for exhibitors wishing to incorporate more green elements into their displays.

Unique Display Options For Trade Show Stands

There are many ways to recycle or reuse materials as a part of trade show exhibits. Instead of the usual displays, why not consider a portable exhibit made with such materials as bamboo, aluminum, or recycled fabrics? Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on earth, and the fact that it grows so quickly implies that it is rather renewable. Combined with aluminum or bonded metal, it could create a powerful, unique, and green exhibit display. There are also bamboo stands that can hold booth literature and keep the display tidier and fewer cluttered. Other literature stands available on the market are product of cardboard and recycled plastic, another lightweight and consequently a greener option. These types of trade show stands often weigh lower than ten pounds, are easy to assemble, and break down quickly for straightforward transport.

Revolutionary Lighting Alternatives

Just as compact fluorescents have nearly replaced traditional incandescent light bulbs in standard home and business settings, there are also newer lighting options available specifically for these kind of events. Amazing new backlit display systems illuminate trade show exhibits from behind and provide an eye catching alternative to straightforward displays. These displays incorporate LED lighting that use less energy while still being very bright. In reality, LEDs are used in many of the ‘green?lighting options. Traditional halogen lights are very popular. They create a safety hazard on the show floor, and in addition make booth staffers uncomfortable. LEDs offer amazing brightness with low temperatures, and use only a fraction of the power that halogen lights require. They are often utilized in large spotlights and lowlights as well as new fabric-graphic panels. With all of the available options, LED lighting is really the lighting of the long run for trade show stands.

More Eco-Friendly Ideas

Think outside the box ?literally ?by way of trade show exhibits. There are companies that manufacture shipping containers made out of environmental organization-certified plywood and low/no volatile organic compound adhesives to ship exhibit components in a more eco-friendly manner. Your organization may also consider displaying information about its product or services on a pc screen instead of paper. Consider going with a digital display screen that features an informational video about your company, together with product features available at the push of a button. There is also the choice for interchangeable displays. These contain panels made out of sustainable materials which you can switch around and display differently for each show. These panels could be printed with graphics on both sides, so the exhibitor has numerous display design options too.

With eco-friendly trade show stands, lighting options that use less energy, and more, exhibitors should have the ability to decrease the impact their exhibits have on our planet.

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