Directed Electronics Inc 528T 12V Accessory Pulse Timer

Dual Digital Display PID Temperature Controller. Great for Sous vide

Velleman VM136 Interval Timer Module

1pcs THC15 AC 220V Digital LCD Programmable Timer AC 220V 16A Time Timer Relay Switch

0.39″ LCD Display 1-9999999 Automatic Reset Time Counter Relay AN8/7M AC 220V


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Pulse Timer Relay Popular Q&A

Q: Anyone have experience with this relay? dei 528t pulse timer rela…
A: Sounds interesting. Good luck with it, and if it really works, record as much information and detail about the process as possible. Read More »

Q: What’s a Timer Release Relay?
A: Timer release delays are used to control the time an event happens. This occurs through the energizing and de-energizing of a coil and movement of an armature. … Read More »

Q: How do I use a 555 Pulsing Timer?
A: 1. Click on the “555 Timer-Frequency and Duty Cycle Calculator” link in the Resources section. This calculator is used to determine the output frequency dependi… Read More »

Q: Why is that this 555 timer not pulsing?
A: 1.5Hz is pretty fast for a relay. It might be the the relay’s solenoid isn’t being given enough time to de energise. However you have not mentioned any precaution… Read More »

Q: Where to purchase a timer relay?
A: tmier output is often a changeover relay – so connect the power to the relay “coil” & to the common contact. Then use whichever contact is powered up as your… Read More »

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