Digital Timer Switch Electrical Wiring Instructions

Easy methods to Wire a Timer Switch for Lighting: As described, the wiring would require four wires for the connections to the time switch.

Requirements for many Digital Timer Switches

Electrical Question: I just bought a Pass & Seymour RT1W Digital Timer switch to replace my simple single-pole switch.

– My problem is that the installation instructions diagram doesn’t match my simple 1975 Constructed home, switch-box configuration which is one wire set ?white, black, unshielded ground connected to nothing in the box.

My new switch comes with FOUR wires: – White (labeled Neutral)
– Black (labeled HOT, power from circuit box)
– Red (labeled LOAD, power to lamp or fan)
– Green (labeled GROUND)

The ground is simple, but do I connect the other THREE(White, Black, and Red) RT1 switch wires to the 2 (Black & White) I’ve left in my old switch box?

Background: Ron, a Homeowner from Newberg, OR.
Additional Comments: I’m anxious to see how this site works out. Whether it is what it seems to be ?this is really awesome !

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks on your electrical wiring question Ron.

How you can Wire a Timer Switch for Lighting

– Ron, the digital time switch that you’ve got requires a separate neutral wire.
– Your wiring configuration won’t work with this timer unless there is a neutral wire within the switch box.
– As described above, the wiring would require four wires for the connections to the time switch.

I’ve provided the next that lead to fully detailed information on this website that may assist you together with your Digital Timer Switch Project

Light Switch Wiring
Electrical Wire for the home
– This link is helpful as a Homeowner Do-It-Yourself Electrical

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1. Daniel Blass says:
July 13, 2014 at 8:34 pm
I’ve two 8-pin Eaton electronic timers and an 8-pin relay. A three position key switch. In auto mode the primary timer will come on and trip after 15 minutes the second timer will keep the conveyor off for 45 minutes. How do I wire these devices together to operate the conveyor. Thanks, Daniel.

– Dave Rongey says:
July 14, 2014 at 8:14 am
Hi Daniel,
I will locate the wiring diagrams for an 8-pin relay and post them up on the website which will assist you together with your conveyor control project. The precise sequence of operations could be necessary to understand which operation will override the other as a way to get the operation sequence correct.

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