Business Communications 101

Trying to make your office communications more efficient? Have you experimented with software that puts pop up notes on the pc for no one to see or worse everyone sees, pagers that vibrate but do not provide you with a clue as to why, loudspeakers with annoying feedback, or which can be left on to expose some embarrassing conversations.

Have you tried wireless? Yes, two way wireless radio communications. More business today now the value of efficient and timely communication system. With two way radios, communication becomes effortless, affordable and exact with no guessing.

In the future I was in a neighborhood hardware store trying to find particular parts for my lamp, I was approached by a young man asking if I needed assistance. Once i described the part I used to be looking for he reached up to collar and pressed a small PTT (push to speak) switch and he asked we the lamp part was located, through an earpiece attached to the radio, someone answered him, silent to me, he immediately said “they’re located in idle 4”. Only a few short steps later he changed direction and said “no they’re in isle 5 now”. He had indicated to me that someone else just told him they were moved the opposite day to idle 5. I might have never found them on this location. Three people just help me out without any effort on their part. I approached the counter to buy the part, and I know this has happened to everyone, no barcode on the part, without hesitation the young lady pressed her PTT switch and asked for price on the part and within seconds someone replied and I was on my way.

This Customer support working at its best when four employees can assist me with a purchase order of a lamp part without any delay or distraction of their duties. Cost effective, yes, they only made a fast sale and a repeat customer. This is only one of many examples of how two way radios save the day for the employee and the shopper.

Offices that have roaming employees like Dental, Chiropractic or small retail shops that benefit by the time saved in search of each other. Employees can stay put and assist customer or continue working and still locate another person with a push of a button.

It makes the business look smart, efficient and arranged. The two way radios have become the tools of the trade for many employees, Although, they might complain about the extra gear at first but, when they realized their job has become easier and more efficient they except the tool as part of the trade.

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