Brand Of The Year 2017

A revolution has come about in the electronic world even including the best way one used to look at television. Instead of viewing your favored soap operas, movies, and music on the cable or your pc, you can now watch them on openbox digital satellite receiver which is able to give a far better reception and thus in turn, a clearer picture. These satellite receivers on one hand giving an unlimited number of functionalities to their users are still very easy to handle and offers you videos with none disturbances or blurriness. You just should pay for whatever channels you want on your television.

The openbox also allows you to record your beloved shows and soap operas even when you are not at home so that you just don’t miss them. The most recent openbox even allow for the recording of more than one channel simultaneously. Additional hard disks can also be attached to the satellite receiver to supply space for video recordings.

A really interesting feature also available is the “Picture in a Picture?Mode wherein while viewing a channel, you possibly can simultaneously set another channel which can be shown in a small window in muted mode. So, you possibly can effortlessly switch between channels such that you simply don’t miss out on any of your cherished programs.

Another amazing capability the openbox provides is the built-in editor of video recordings enabling the viewer to get rid of the advertisements or scenes not appropriate for children etc. by deleting them. In addition they provide a far vaster number of channels as compared to the cable tv you have been using in the past. You can even make a queue of your favorite channels so that you don’t should scan through all of the channels.

Moreover, USB port is provided with the intention to assuredly view or transfer your pictures, videos and music on it without the aid of a computer. You can even update the software of the satellite receiver easily. The Vacuum Fluorescent Display enables you to see the channel number, and other petty details. In terms of looks, this satellite receiver looks very trendy and smart. And the price of the box isn’t too high, in truth, it is quite affordable and with none maintenance costs involved. Moreover, the remote control that comes equipped with it is rather user- friendly and simple to operate. Thus, the openbox digital satellite receiver is both a worth for your bucks as well as quality.

The Openbox is the smallest digital Linux SetTopBox receiver with a card reader. Dreambox HD is the first Linux receiver to have High definition and a PVR capability. Now you can access advanced features of the Dreambox in HD.For more Informations Please visit our Dreambox 500s website.

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