Barrier Free Wall Mounted Eye Wash Stations

Barrier Free Wall Mounted Eye Wash Stations are designed to provide rapid emergency eye flushing capabilities. They’re required equipment in quite a lot of environments that deal with or handle hazardous liquids and materials.

Laboratories, chemical companies, and medical facilities are a number of the more common places where these fixtures can be found. All modern stations of this type are actually ADA compliant.

Barrier Free Wall Mounted Eye Wash Stations must be free of any barrier that would impede access to the station. These stations must be easily and quickly accessible from any direction because time is critical when chemicals or other hazardous materials have come into contact with the face or eyes.

There are a wide range of mounting designs but they all have a “barrier free?design in common. As well as, new barrier free eyewash regulations have been issued for all manufacturers.

Engineers have designed numerous options for Eye Wash Stations. All models have some type of flip-top cover to protect the individual spray heads from dust and other foreign materials. One new design uses a stainless steel clam shell cover to guard the complete bowl and spray heads.

When the activation handle is pushed the clam shell cover opens and water begins to flow. Another option is the double throw flow switch which is designed to activate an alarm when the device is activated.

This switch must be installed within the water supply line prior to or during the installation of the attention wash station. The switch will sense movement of water in the availability line and then activate the alarm. The alarm can also be connected to a remote monitoring system and it has become a very fashionable option.

Another popular option is the freeze protection valve. This value is activated when the water temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. When water begins to flow it would prevent water from freezing contained in the water supply line.

Most Barrier Free Wall Mounted Eye Wash Stations are constructed from stainless steel or durable plastic ?materials that don’t corrode. Other parts corresponding to internal valves and water lines must even be product of materials that do not corrode.

All of these special fixtures will also have a highly visible push handle that can activate the water flow. And all fountains must be able to provide a steady flow of water under different water supply pressures, usually 30 to 90 pounds per square inch (PSI).

This safe, steady flow of water is usually controlled by a designed integral flow control within the spray head. The minimum standard according to the ANSI Z358.1 documentation is an uninterruptible supply of flushing water at a minimum of 30 pounds per square inch.

The minimum output is 0.4 gallons of water per minute and a few of these special washing fountains provide up to three.82 gallons per minute at 30 PSI. The client needs and environment will dictate which type of unit best suits their needs.

Cabinet style Barrier Free Stations have become popular in recent times because they save space in crowded areas. They’re designed to be mounted between standard 16 inch wall studs.

These units offer the same capabilities as other units but their activation differs slightly. Water flow is activated by pulling the unit out from the wall rather than pushing a flat handle.

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