Advantages Of Wheelchair Lifts

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Wheelchair lifts are great mobility solutions for residential and commercial environments. Meant for carrying wheelchairs, they are often conveniently used both indoors and outdoors, and go a long way in helping wheelchair users move around and access different floors of a building with ease.

Wheelchair Lifts – Major Advantages

The main advantages that wheelchair stair lifts offer are:

?Easy accessibility for wheelchair users ?Wheelchair stair lifts help users to beat accessibility challenges. They permit them easy access through different levels of a building, and in addition to elevated platforms, stages, and more.

?Can accommodate several types of wheelchairs ?The three main forms of wheelchair lifts available today include inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts and portable wheelchair lifts. They include sufficient load carrying capacity, and may transport wheelchairs for children, and manual, sports, conventional adult wheelchairs.

?Models for varying needs ?Wheelchair lifts might be hydraulic, electric or even manually powered. The hydraulically-powered lifts function even during power outages. The manually operated models could be installed where installing an elevator is impossible or expensive. They need no electricity, battery or hydraulic components to function, and help users easily access elevated platforms, stages, porches and outdoor bleachers.

?Improves the worth of your buildings ?A feature-rich wheelchair lift can ideally increase the convenience of your own home or commercial building, and increase their resale value. Leading brands such as ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Adaptive Engineering offer functional and aesthetically pleasing wheelchair lift models.

?Easy to take care of and operate ?No special training is required to operate the wheelchair stair lift. Most models include automatic remote controls. With Stair climber lifts have a powerful motorized electronic traction control system that allows effective operation.

?Ensure safe vertical transportation ?ADA compliant wheelchair stair lifts ensure safe and reliable transportation. Their advanced safety features include anti-skid surface, fold-up platform, emergency stop switch, safety belt, electro-mechanical brake and more, to make sure a safe and smooth ride.

To buy wheelchair lifts that offer the maximum advantage, get in contact with an established dealer that stocks premium brands and offers quality installation, repair and maintenance services.

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