Advantages Of Installing A Photocell Sensor

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Advantages of Installing a Photocell Sensor
Updated on November 30, 2016 Justin Choo moreContact Author Photocell Sensor | Source My Garden Light Didn’t Activate
A couple of days ago, my garden light did not turn on by itself. That was the first time it failed to auto switch on at dusk. I had a photocell sensor installed on the garden light to regulate the on-off timing. When it failed to turn on when the sun set, I immediately concluded that the photocell sensor was spoilt.

I went to inspect the connections, and it seemed straight forward enough to connect the three wires. So off I went to purchase a replacement. I did the connection job in no time, and with a smile on my face, covered the gadget with the supplied black plastic cover and waited for the light to come on. What a disappointment. There was no light. Then it dawned on me that I had wasted my money and effort in changing the photocell sensor. The sunshine itself was spoilt! This time I couldn’t do it myself. So I had to interact an electrician to repair up the brand new light and reconnect the photocell sensor.

My newly installed garden light with the photocell sensor on the left side. | Source It really works!!
Source Woods 59408WD Outdoor Hardwire Post Eye Light Control with Photocell, Light Sensor Switch Buy Now What’s photocell sensor
What’s a photocell sensor? It goes under many various names, comparable to photocell switch, photocell sensor switch, photocell auto switch, photocell auto light control, light sensor switch, photocell sensor circuit, and dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor. Photocell sensors also come in many sizes and styles.

These photocell sensors are installed outside the house to regulate the on-off timing of the lights which can be connected through their circuits. Lights of this nature are usually installed outside the house. So when the sun sets, the photocell sensor will activate the “on?switch and turns on the light. Likewise, when the sun rises, the photocell sensor will trigger the “off?switch. For in-house lighting control, usually a timer switch is installed, where you’ll be able to set the exact timing for the on-off functions.

If you do not intend to go away the sunshine on for the entire night, you should not instal the photocell sensor. It’s best to instead instal the timer switch where you’ll be able to control the “off” time.

Three advantages of installing photocell sensors
These are the three advantages of installing photocell sensors :

· Convenience. You don’t have to remember to modify on or off the light by yourself. The photocell sensor will do the job for you, automatically.

· Security. Once it’s dark, the sunshine turns on by itself. This can be a deterrent for any intending intruders.

· Economy. The sunshine is only turned on when it’s dark; and most advantageous in that you need not have to remember to show off the light yourself. Once there is sufficient light from the rising sun, or when dawn breaks the sunshine is automatically turned off. This saves you from having to pay for the wasted power usage should you forget to switch off the light, if there isn’t any photocell sensor installed.

What about timer switch
Having completed this article, a thought just came to my mind. Why not write a “twin” article on “Advantages of installing a timer switch”. Please don’t “copy and paste? Thank you.

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