5 Ways To Get A Dead Spy Pen To Work

When you have a Spy Pen, sometimes it just appears to be either stuck with the light on, or dead and will not turn on. We wrote this report to show you a few of the tricks we found to getting your it to work again.

1. Perform A hard Reset
Nearly all of the time, just inserting the top of a paper clip within the opening below the status light on the back, and performing a hard reset, will get your Spy Pen working. Just bend a small paper clip end out, and insert straight into the opening. While you meet resistance, push lightly, and you may feel the reset button depressed.

Be sure it goes straight in, and not at an angle, or you can damage among the components inside. Let go and take a look at to show it on.

2. Rule Out The USB Cable
If you’re using a USB cable to either connect the Spy Pen to your computer, or to the 110V wall charger adapter, one day the cable will fail. If you employ the USB cable because you cannot connect the pen directly to the pc, try just plugging it directly into the pc.

Do not use a USB hub, as sometimes there is just not enough power for the it; just connect it on to the computers USB port. On some computers, use the USB port on the back, as front USB ports are sometimes weaker.

3. Rule Out The 110V Wall Charger
Just just like the USB cable, the 110V wall charger adapter will also fail sooner or later; so if it does not seem to take a charge, try charging it for 3 hours in the computers USB port. If the status light is on while its charging, its getting electricity to charge the battery.

4. Put The Spy Pen Back In Video Mode
Several Spy Pens have switches to go to photo mode, or voice activation mode. If you move the switch to vary modes, and you do not move it back to video mode, the pc will say it’s not recognized. Try moving the switch back to the unique position.

5. Erase & Reformat The Spy Pen
If the Spy Pen shows up as a removable drive in your PC, excellent click on the icon and let go on “Format.” Then check the “Quick Format” button, then hit OK. The drive will likely be erased, and reformatted. This usually takes care of any pens that make it this far.

On an Apple computer, use Disc Utility to erase the drive and format as MS DOS 32. Then eject properly; on a Mac, right click on the drive and choose eject. On a PC, click on the green Left arrow down at the lower right a part of the monitor, then click on eject to properly eject the device.

That is our report on “5 Ways To Get A Dead Spy Pen To Work.” In case your pen still won’t work, and you purchased it from us, you have a 365-day no B.S. replacement policy. If not, you will need to contact the company you bought it from.

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